If I just breathe.

So it finally feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders.. And my heart has heaved a sigh of relief. I feel more carefree, feel like I need not avoid people’s glances.. But my stomach problem has yet to go away. Hope it’s nothing too serious but I feel so nauseous whenever I think of/see food despite being hungry.

This whole week has been so intense and crazy. The emotions just bubbling inside of me, waiting to erupt. And I tried to suppress it, but at work, my mind is just in a whirl, my heart was beating so irregularly and my stomach kept churning non-stop.

If my physical condition was tied to my emotions, I sure hope my body would stop being a bitch right now and let me eat all the awesome food in the world.

And I’m amazed by the amount of insight I gained in just 6 days.

Thanks to 2 friends, one old and one new for listening to me, and giving advice. Your words gave me strength and determination to stop lying to myself anymore.

I hope I won’t continue to make the same wrong decisions. Life is only this long.


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