Deborah’s 19th Birthday Celebration!


I’m so thankful for this awesome bunch of friends. Friends whom I’ve stuck with for a pretty long time! Bryan, since 2007. Ruixin and Deborah since 2008. I hope this friendship will continue to blossom into something more beautiful. 10 years down the road, I want to see us hanging out like this, camwhoring like a boss with the same pose and smile for 50+ times ’cause we can. I love that amazing chemistry that we have. The endless teasing that we have for one another and the unglamness that we display.

The dinner at Timbre was awesome! Fantastic crispy thin pizza, paired with a platter of various foods as well as my lychee Martini. I still conclude that alcohol is definitely not my best friend.. (Because it tastes so damn horrid) The warmth in the chest which comes after it is soothing though, except I tend to be really hyper and giggly after drinking. Nope, I’m not drunk, am very much sober.

I’ll miss the best guy friend I ever had when he goes into army soon! Seriously, one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever known!


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