How can I decide what’s right, when you’re clouding up my mind?

Last minute decisions are always filled with surprises, and the things you least expect would pop up and intrigue you in various ways.

It feels so good to have this new-found freedom, and with some extra cash at hand, I’m also willing to spend more on meals and basically, just having a good time.

It may just be a simple dinner, but sometimes, it’s the person whom you spend the time with, which makes it worthwhile. Some people are just so fascinating, even charming I must say. I’ve never had such a connection in a long while.

I feel so blessed that I was bestowed upon this chance, though I kinda ruined it a little, but it was an interesting exchange of words. For the first time, I not only saw our similarities, but our differences as well.

Someone playful and witty, versus me.

I need to learn how to be more open-minded, to laugh more at myself and feel good about myself no matter what. I’ve got so much more to learn from you and grow in so many ways.


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