And so I had the most bizarre dream, yet.

It always happens, when something disappointing occurs, and it triggers my subconscious mind, where all my memories of you are hidden, and I dream of you, even though I haven’t been thinking about you for the longest time.

In my dream, you listened to what I had to say. Listen to what I was going through for those few years. And I was happy. Because for once, you really listened. Not just hearing what I had to say. But alas, t’was a dream nonetheless.

I feel the urge to text you to ask how are you doing right now, wishing you all the best. But I always warn myself of the dangers I put my heart into every time I choose to do that.

‘Cause my heart still doesn’t know how it will react. (But I know I am truly over you, it’s just a feeling that will never go away with time, that special connection you’ll only have with 1 person in your entire life)

And I dreamt about being robbed in Europe. Traumatising. It wasn’t even like pickpocket or what. It was just approaching me, pulling my bag away from me, and when I resisted, a knife was whipped out and I had to release my bag.. Must be super careful 😦


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