Well, I’ll state something rash. She had the most amazing, smile.

As I was watching The Maine’s ‘Into Your Arms’ video, the sound of the piano keys, John O’s voice, together with the slow-paced of the video being played backwards.. I felt so serene. I miss listening to band music so much, and experiencing a live concert played by a rock band.

The way the lady was rushing through the airport, bumping into people along the way and dropping her stuff, yet it had a calming effect. Until she goes all the way back to the point where she bumps into John O’ and the flowers slowly fall to the ground.

So, so beautiful.

All the things she does, makes it seem like love. If it’s just a game, then I like the way that we play.

And I was wondering, if I was the only one, who ever feels like my soul is sometimes out of my body. At times, I get into a daze while walking, and I start to ponder if it’s just my soul walking around in this world that’s neither here nor there. Yes, just like what happened in The Lovely Bones. It just feels so weird, though I know it’s not true.


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