Hello there, the angel from my nightmare.

Hello Mr Stranger, seems like I’ve known you for just a short while, yet it feels like eternity. You seem like someone whom I’ve known for so long, but you’re just such a distant concept that seems so hard to grasp.

At times, you’re like a suspense thriller, constantly keeping me up at my toes. Sometimes, you’re like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece that seemed to have been toss somewhere far away.

And I hate how I’m so curious yeahhhhh /le does SHINee’s arrogant peacock strut/.

Jetting off to Italy in less than 12 hours. I’ve prepared a little surprise (Nothing biggie, but definitely special since we’ve never done it before), and I honestly hope all will turn out well. I will try to be more tolerant of my mum’s nagging, constantly take deep breaths and shut them out when I feel like I’m going to explode. Heh.

Can’t wait to experience so much! And be exposed to different languages, cuisines, cultures, architecture, artworks, lifestyles, etc.

I’ll try to be a little less clumsy, and a little more careful.


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