When in Rome

It’s only been 3 days in Italy and I must say it’s a very beautiful city, albeit a little old and dangerous (the way people drive is just a whole new experience).

Unlike the cosmopolitan outlook Singapore has, the earthy tones of the buildings here, due to no changes made to the original colours of the materials being used, are very beautiful. Maybe there is a lack of diversity in their infrastructure as the buildings are very squarish, and huge churches or balisicas have a giant dome, but the buildings just have a way of taking your breath away.


All the little details that are carved and sculpted, the magnificent statues that can be seen in the various Piazzas, the largest baroque style Trevi Fountain etc, it makes you wonder how much effort and time has been put into the making of these buildings/artifacts.





As much as I dislike SOVA, I’m extremely thankful to have retained part of what I have learnt as it has helped me greatly in understanding their artworks, arts scene and culture so much better!

Till next time.


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