Europe Spree

During the Europe trip, I managed to purchase some items at pretty good prices and they were really cute-looking too (Mostly in Paris/London)! But when I returned back to Singapore, to my surprise, 90% of the things that I got were mostly blue! And I’m not even a fanatic of that colour.

In Switzerland, I managed to get a full-leather strap Swatch watch that was really simple, which looked really classy! Well, in Swiss, what could be better than getting watches (and chocolates) right?

Of course, most of the shopping was done in Paris, at Galeries Lafayette! I’m still really happy that I chanced upon Bershka because they had so many pretty clothes!

A blue denim-like jacket/casual blazer with simple details (€29.90)

If I were to roll up the sleeve, I’ll get this pretty design! Super love the little detail!

Ripped denim shorts (€19.90)

Pretty polka-dotted lining for the pockets!

2 pairs of jeans – Dark blue (€19.90, looks black here D:) and washed out pale blue (€15.90)

I also got a small turquoise Longchamp.. See, everything is in some sort shade of blue!

And when we headed to London, we did a fair bit of shopping as well!

During our first evening in London, we checked out Primark as it was well-known for selling clothes and accessories at insanely cheap prices!

Denim-looking loose blouse (£9.90)

Floral print lining inside the shirt…. Insane!!!! So beautiful I could cry! ;~~~;

Shades (£1)

2 bunches of hair ties, 1 bunch consist of 30 hair ties (£1 each)

Blue leather straps were from Pisa (€2 each)

I would say that Primark does sell clothes at really affordable prices… But I wouldn’t want to go there again as the crowd was insane. Clothes and hangers were strewn on the floor, people would sometimes trample over them. Cleaners would use a huge mop to push everything into one pile, it’s quite disorganised as people would anyhow dump their items when they don’t want it anymore.. The queues leading to the cashiers were snaking! But, I must say the prices are really jaw-dropping. 5 pairs of stocking for £1!! A few pairs of socks for £1/2! I think Qiu Qiu should do an episode of Budget Barbie there.. She’s bound to get some really great deals…

I got some really cute undies from Marks & Spencers.. The patterns they used were really adorable!

British-themed because it was going to be the Diamond Jubilee during that weekend!

4 for £5!

Shopping in SG just doesn’t seem to match up anymore! Dang.

I wouldn’t get erm, SG themed undies too… I guess.


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