If you wander off too far.

Recently, there have been many incidents which spark fury among many, culminating to people spewing remarks on how it sucks to live in Singapore, how we are overpopulated with foreign talent, how the government is not doing enough for Singaporeans, how trains are not fast enough, the list is never-ending. Truth is, if Singaporeans can complain about anything which irks them, they will.

Then I read tweets and posts on how people are just dumping the entire blame on the authorities for so many things. I feel slightly angered, because I wished that sometimes they will look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on one minor issue. More than that, I have that kind of feeling because I know that I once had the same thoughts as well. Yes, blame, keep blaming. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Really?

I think I never did realise how lucky I was, how Singaporeans were, until I went to Europe and Hong Kong.

I like how it’s very safe in Singapore, how I can walk around with my bag loosely slung around my shoulder, instead of being all uptight like I did when I was in Europe. When I was there, I was always on my guard, I doubted all the strangers around me. I would glare at them if they bumped into me, wondering if it was accidental or on purpose. I would constantly feel my pockets and check that my bag was not just secured but locked up as well. I don’t have to face that kind of issue in Singapore. Sure, I do watch out for any suspicious person but I need not be kept up on my toes constantly.

The roads in Singapore are also clean most of the time, thanks to the cleaners we have, which are foreign workers. Try walking in Paris. Litter strewn everywhere, dog poo not being cleaned up. How would you like having to walk down a pavement and to keep a constant lookout for potential bombs that might ruin your day?

One thing I’m extremely glad for is the abundance of sheltered areas and walkways that have been built for us spoilt and lazy people who complain about the sun, the heat, the rain etc. In Hong Kong, I had to keep a watch out for dripping water, which were practically everywhere. You wouldn’t know whether it’s drizzling or it’s just a stupid leaking aircon that has been dripping since forever. You can just be walking down a street and water from dubious sources just drips on your head. Do you know how gross that feels? And the wires that are exposed so unsightly on the exterior of some buildings.

Plus the air in Hong Kong is just terrible. When I first exited the airport, it looked like a major fog hit the city when it was just really polluted air. Imagine all the dust and dirt that you inhale all the time, eew. And it doesn’t help that there are so many smokers everywhere who smoke freely wherever they want to. Gross!

Oh, so you wanna complain about a lot of foreigners in Singapore? Be thankful that the situation isn’t quite so bad like the one in Hong Kong. Try taking the MTR on a Sunday, and having to squeeze with all the maids. Try walking along some bridges, the maids congregate and talk/shout loudly at the top of their voices. It’s so noisy that it feels like many many crows gathered and started a cacophony of sounds. At Mongkok, it’s even worse when you see maids opening up their picnic mats, and they lie on the ground in unglam positions, while engaging in conversations in loud voices again, and it’s just plain unsightly. I am thankful that the situation in Singapore has not become something like that.

I kinda feel that it’s good that many ridiculous rules are now imposed to protect maids. They are so ridiculous that we probably shouldn’t hire them, better still, train ourselves instead of being reliant on them. Even though I do find housework a chore, sometimes it’s better to do them on our own rather than over-relying on someone else. I do get irritated when I get hollered at to do the chores, but I do enjoy the privacy that my family has been having for the past 6 months.

I’m just really glad to be living in Singapore.


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