What kind of blue are you?

The reality of life smacked right back into my face again right after I was prancing around in Lala Land just yesterday. I really dislike doing such ‘adult’ stuff. I mean, what do I do, ring them up and yell at them, demand them to re-consider me or interview me..? I don’t even know what to say to them. I have got no terms to demand for anything more in the very first place.

So many thoughts on my mind that I would like to share with you. My troubles, whatever that wasn’t solved between us (all the questions that are still floating around in my head).. But I don’t exactly know if you want to listen to them. I fear that I will bore you to tears, fear that I will be adding burden to whatever troubles you already have at hand.

I really wonder how much longer can I keep up with this. Like I have no one to tell. And here I am, still trying to guess what’s in your head.

Kinda fail pretty badly at that, every single day. /laughs to myself/

Let me just be done and over with this week. For now.

Oh, bless your heart, you spent it all on a fallen star.


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