Last Day of Work

It feels weird how time flies by so quickly when you are working and that I have not been studying for so long. I’ve been working at my company for 6 months and 2 weeks now. In this short period of time, I have learnt so much from my colleagues, especially those that I worked closely with.

Among the other temps (that I know), I was the only one who was hired on an interview-basis. I still recall how I was so close to accepting another job offer at another place. But I chose this place in the end because it offered me a longer working duration. I have never regretted this decision. These 6 months were well-spent and meaningful. One thing for sure, I did not waste all that precious time away bumming around at home, refreshing my Twitter feed or finish scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard (I have never been able to finish looking through every single thing).

I’m truly thankful to have met certain lecturers, cleaning aunties, security guards as well as worked with the permanent staff and temporary admins.

When I reported for work on the very first day, I was extremely lucky to be assigned to sit beside SL. She has never raised her voice or scolded me even when I made errors along the way. She was always patient whenever I asked for help, and she would take care of the temp staff well. She would always ask us to join the rest during tea breaks or when someone brought snacks to share. The thing that I admire most about her is that when you encounter any problems and ask for help, she will put down her work at hand and try to solve the problem for you.

As time passed by, other colleagues were warming up to me as well, and we would occasionally talk about things beside work. I would be able to talk about fashion, food, music, school etc.

A has always been working inside the office room just opposite my cubicle and as time went by, we started talking about University things and where his daughter intended to go. Eventually, he introduced me to the SIM UB programme (which I applied for ultimately) and he even went to the extent of helping me check up on my application status recently. I was extremely thankful as he really need not go to that extent of trouble. But it makes me excited that if I am confirmed for the programme, I will be making friends with his daughter!

And there’s J, whom I opened up to quite a bit over the past few months. Initially, we didn’t talk at all because we were awkward around each other. Then I would notice that she would be listening to the same CN Blue song almost every day without fail.. So one day, I randomly asked her if she was a fan of them.. And we kinda hit off really well after that. I ended up introducing a whole bunch of songs to her, giving her my entire BIGBANG stash (kinda successfully made her daughter slightly crazy over them as well), gave her a whole lot of K-Pop songs that I personally felt were great. I felt so proud telling her about lesser known groups like Sunny Hill and Pray is one of her favourite songs now. She would also tell me interesting stories and jokes which will brighten up my days so much!

Most importantly, I really appreciate how my aunt recommended me for the job, which created all these wonderful opportunities and beautiful memories throughout these 6 months. It was well-spent, fulfilling and insightful. I also learnt that bosses weren’t necessarily mean and could in fact, be really nice.

My boss, S, is one that I will look up to a lot. Despite her high position, she doesn’t have an air of arrogance, and she’s really funny and jovial. During lunch yesterday, while my friend and I were panicking over her lost staff pass, S and other senior staff, helped us in searching through a rubbish bag, and thankfully, the card was found elsewhere. It was truly eye-opening, to see how everyone is like this huge cohesive family, ready to help one another any time.

If I were to have any long holiday breaks and am in need of a job, I would definitely consider going back there again. Unless I intend to look for a different kind of working experience.

Now, I’ll close this small chapter in my life, while I enjoy my short break, before proceeding to the next stage of my life.


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