Time flies when you’re having fun.

It’s been a while since I last met my Secondary 4 classmates, probably one of my favourite classes ever throughout my 12 years of education. I’m kinda undecided between 6A ’05 and 4F ’09 because I’ve got a bunch of people that I love so dearly from both classes.

Though I didn’t get to eat my beloved barbecued sambal stingray, it was still a fun experience, standing beside the fire, slathering glorious margarine on the chicken fillets and satays. /death glare at the annoying cat that kept trying to steal our marshmallows/

During gatherings like these, I feel so thankful for the lovely bunch of guys in my class. Definitely not the most mature guys ever, but I feel like a guy with them /flexes muscles/. It brings out this inner tomboy within me, when we talk about so many things. As usual, I would goof around with Leon (Best chemistry lab partner I’ve ever had honestly) and we ended up engaging in real ‘mature’ talk with Yoke Ming. Weirdest conversation ever, I must say but it made me think a lot, about serious issues.

Then towards the end of these class gatherings, I will typically have these serious HTH conversations with my best brother sister JJ. Thank you for always listening to my problems, since 2009 till now. I can always talk to you truthfully about almost anything and you are a fantastic listener. I don’t know what I have done to deserve such an awesome friend like you; you are always super cheerful, providing good advice, telling me to press on and not give up.

Even if it’s just half of the class present, I’m glad to have you guys in my life.

Now that the guys have moved on to engaging so much in military talk, while the girls just yak on about university, I’m feeling a bit out of the place. Mainly because I’ll not be experiencing those crazy camps and orientations anytime soon. It scares me, how these camps look like an intense dating camp. I don’t want to be carried around by some guy that I barely know. But I can’t be a spoilsport and not choose to participate. If I see my guy do that, even if it means nothing, I’ll still be pretty upset I guess. Oh god. /smacks forehead/


My dear friend, seems like forever since I’ve last talked to you. I’ve always wanted to tell you so many things that I never did over these 4 to 5 years. Then.. I heard you’ve gotten a girlfriend now. And I’m fully over you. It doesn’t matter anymore whether I said all that to you or not. I feel genuinely happy for you. I have always thought that the two of you would make a cute couple anyway. I hope you’ll treat her right and not toy with her feelings like how you did with mine. Yes, I admit that at some point of time, I was hoping someone would make you fall so hard for her and then break your heart so badly like what you did to mine. You are a nice guy though you are still an asshole (in my opinion) through and through. You are this long chapter in my life that I’ve closed. Probably one of the most complicated chapters ever which spanned for years. There’s a reason why you don’t belong to my future. I’ve tossed the bookmark for that chapter out of my life.

Yes, you’ve changed my life forever. But I believe that I’ve met someone who can start a new chapter in my novel and I feel like it will be vibrant and beautiful.


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