I keep you with me in my heart.

After 6 years, I finally watched the National Day Parade preview last week, and boy, it brings back such great memories I’ve had since I was a little kid.

In my primary school days, I was always extremely lucky, to have been able to watch the actual parade every single year. Too lucky, that I took it for granted. My interest gradually diminished by the time I hit the teenage years, I felt it was stupid, to sing all these songs which tell us to love our nation, our homeland.

But then you hit this age, I guess your mind starts to open up to reality. It feels good.. To sing the national anthem, to recite the pledge, to feel proud and thankful for being a Singaporean. Yes, I’m one of those people that actually likes our national anthem and pledge (Spam likes on various sentences of the pledge that were placed everywhere!) /sidenote: I really loved my school songs as well.. And I am thankful for being in Chinese schools for 12 whole years, reciting both versions of the pledge, singing school songs that were in Mandarin/

Recently, there were rumours flying around just days before National Day. I just felt so saddened, this sense of dread slowly growing within me.. I know, nobody’s immortal. All of us will pass on some day. However, do people really have to be so unkind to make such malicious remarks.. Sorry, but karma has a way of finding it’s way back to you. One day, those very words you say, might just hit you right back in your face, like a boomerang. It’s upsetting when people don’t seem to fully appreciate the things we have at the moment. Sure, it isn’t exactly what we want; We have to squeeze on the trains with foreigners, prices are soaring sky-high.. Bitch please. Whatever the government does and say, they can’t win. Not everyone can be pleased. Just because things aren’t the best for us at the moment doesn’t mean we can discount all the past effort that has been put into building this young nation. 47 isn’t young for a living human, but our country has come a long way from all the trials and tribulations. Instead of being grateful and thankful, all we have is mostly bitterness and anger. If not for our leaders’ past efforts, we wouldn’t have come this far. It’s so heartbreaking to see people making thoughtless and insensitive remarks because they are just filled with so much resentment that they don’t see the big picture. It makes me worry about my future. I guess, it’s also the environment that made us this way. We tend to focus on the negative side, instead of appreciating the things we already have, even though it’s blatantly right before us.

Sure, I was at MBS yesterday, squashed with tonnes of other people of different nationalities but it was so heartening to see everyone cheering together, enjoying the spectacular display of fireworks that was just right above our heads. The journey to the MRT was crazy too. I’ve never seen such a massive and disorderly crowd before, pushing and squeezing to get through the ez-link card area.. I don’t like that kind of icky feeling too… Then the teenager beside me said “Let’s do it Gangnam Style” and I smiled. Kinda made my evening good.

There’s so much more than just the fancy parade and fireworks… So many thoughts going through my mind.. At least, this year’s National Day was a meaningful one for me.


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