One step closer.

School has started for almost three weeks, and oh gosh, time has flew by so quickly. Initially, the days felt long, with the breaks that seemed to stretch on for what seems like forever.. And now, my life is just so filled with journals, assignments and projects. Every single module has a project and of course, it’s taking up quite a bit of time but not that I mind meeting new people, making new friends, or should I say acquaintances?

Making new friends in such an environment is just so tough. There’s this constant pressure to dress up, look attractive, be that person every one likes…. Just that no, I can’t really be bothered to do so because I’m such a pig and treasure sleep so much more (guilty look).

Anyway, pulling myself back to the topic, I guess time seemed to have past by really fast because I am actually being much more productive than I used to be in Secondary school and JC. I’m actually, attempting to read my textbooks after and during school, I’m making a conscious effort to stay awake and be interested in what I’m learning, I’m trying to do well for assignments too.

I guess that’d be a great start, even though I don’t really get quite a lot of what I’ve learnt for now.

My life has been pretty good too. I’m feeling more uplifted, I hardly do feel angry or upset, or if not for long. Though things could be better, but I guess there’s always a time for everything. I kinda like how things are going right now… And I’m extremely thankful for it.. Though I sometimes feel that I can possibly handle things in a better way. I guess I’ll figure out along the way.. And find a happy solution.

And I must no longer just think solely for myself. I’ve been so selfish all this while.


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