I’m supposed to feel better, this nightmare is supposed to end.

50 days left till the semester ends. I honestly, can’t wait for that day, and then I’ll toss confetti into the air.

Just when I thought mid-terms were over, I’m about to get hit by a series of tests next week all over again. It’s like before you can even slow down to breathe, you have to keep up and just keep going forward, even if it kills you. There are some days where I just feel like laying in bed and not get off but I think about all that I’ll miss out on and just drag myself out of it.

This term has seemingly flew by so quickly but it also feels like it has been going on forever. In a blink of an eye, 8 weeks have gone by but I won’t be getting any break for about 5 to 7 weeks more. The time at home always has a way of slipping by so quickly, especially when we’re Skyping. Before I even know it, an hour has passed by and it feels only like 5 minutes. Bedtime always creeps in too soon. I tell myself to sleep earlier but I end up not being able to do so. My quality of sleep hasn’t been good since the school term starts. I’ve never gotten a proper rest for the longest time. There is no morning whereby I wake up and feel refreshed. I just feel so dead, every single day. Time flies when I travel to school and when the day officially starts, it seems to crawl like a snail. Especially during the 5 hour breaks. I’d be like wow, it’s only 12. I’m so exhausted that every time I look at my texts, I fall asleep without even knowing it. I even fell asleep while watching Running Man on my phone and I can sleep practically anywhere. LTs, school benches (Air-conditioned and even non-air-conditioned), the library (Oh the sweet glory, I think I napped at least 5 times today).

I’ll try to catch up on both sleep and my work over the weekend. I’m so dead that I don’t even feel like catching up on my social life. Hah.

December, please come soon and be kind to me. I’ll take the opportunity to repay my sleep debt (And read some books).

At least my grades are still pretty decent. Fighting!


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