I read an article in the Lifestyle section today that talked about how youths nowadays seem to post almost every little detail of their life – From the most mundane things, to juicy sexual details.

There is this ‘need’ to let the whole world know what’s revolving around our lives and social media validates us. We love it when people thumb us up, like what we post, follow us.. We seek validation from our friends, from strangers.. And in a sense, it is worrying.. If ultimately at the end of the day, what we do is out of popularity or attention, rather than passion. (I mean you could say those 2 crackheads posted their ‘sexy artwork’ out of passion.. Whatever it is.. It looked like something taken out of Animal Planet to me…)

And…. I don’t deny that I’m guilty of seeking such validation.. I used to be pretty obsessed.. And I really do blame the Internet for this. I guess it all started out with my curiosity for HTML and when I started out making blog layouts. I loved it, I love being part of the community.. I love that people knew who {/sun of a beach} was, even though looking back.. My layouts really do suck!!!! I loved how there were hundreds of downloads/likes for that shitty piece of coding that wasn’t technically mine (Hey, I did credit the original coder)

Then it moved on to Twitter.. Nope, not Facebook.. I was the early bloomer for FB I guess? Back then, we were still busy poking people and having virtual animals and making them do virtual races with other virtual animals.. It wasn’t about who commented/liked/share what you posted. Erm, I’m ashamed to share this little information but I used to find Twitter really stupid.. ‘Cause back then, the idea of micro-blogging was still pretty new.. And I originally created an account because it was meant to diss a schoolmate of mine.. Not that I’m proud of it.. (And yes, I feel really mean.. She didn’t do anything to me to deserve all that.. If I could, I’d say sorry to her..) After awhile, people started following me.. And I liked it.. But now, I fear for my privacy.. I locked it because I don’t want my parents to read the kind of nonsense I post.. And also to prevent moronic people who pry into every single detail about other people’s life, just so they can have a kick out of gossiping. Sometimes, when people request to follow/friend me, I really question and wonder the intentions behind it.. Are they doing it because they genuinely want to know about my life or what? So there’s something called ignore/reject/block/delete.. Thank god.

I guess I’ve finally reached a stage whereby I’m contented with where I’m at now.. The people around me, albeit not many, but I’m thankful for them. I’m glad that their presence, whether they know it or not, make my days worthwhile. I don’t need random acquaintances/schoolmates/strangers to tell me how much they like me or what I am able to show the world. I don’t need to use infinite amounts of hash tags (sorry, let me rant) just to reach out to more people and scream at them to look at what I’ve posted. The people and things I have around me makes me feel good, and I’m contented with all that.

I’ve no idea what’s the purpose of this post but I’m glad to have let it all out. It’s always times like this when a random thought pops into my mind, and I feel the need to write it down before it goes away. My emotions are brought together with it and posting it a few days later wouldn’t grasp what I’m thinking fully… It’s so random that I can’t think of apt lyrics for the title of this post. And with that, I’m going back to hit my books 🙂


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