In this moment, I swear, we are infinite.

I finally managed to catch The Perks of Being a Wallflower… And may I say, it really struck my heart pretty deeply, and there were a few moments where I was tearing.. Spoilers up ahead.. You have been forewarned!

I kind of saw myself in Sam, in a way. The part on how we fall in love with people who treat us like we’re nothing, because we think that is what we deserve, subconsciously in a way.. We judge ourselves because of our own past without realising that perhaps, someone out there, sees you for who you are now, rather than who you used to be, and that maybe, we are indeed deserving of such great love.

But I do know I have the tendency to use my own experiences and emotions to relate with the characters in movies/books, also with that hope that at the end of the day, I will be just like the girl in that movie/book, with that beautiful ending. It may not be perfect, but it will be perfect for me, kind of sense?

The things that Charlie went through, since he was young… It was relatable as well. In a sense, I could see how it has shaped the way I talk and think now. I do feel a bit *ugh* about it but I’m glad, nothing turned out too bad.. I’m glad even when I was young, I knew what was right and wrong.. I made the right decision, without even knowing why, but I just did.. And I want to go back to my old self and pat myself on the shoulder for doing the right thing. I know up till now, people like to use certain terms, to define who I am.. I do laugh it off, and I don’t really get affected by it. But I can never tell the full story, and I never will. It’s something that I wouldn’t want to think about. I might say certain things but deep down, I know I won’t do those things.. And I guess that’s enough. I don’t have to try to convince them because ultimately, they aren’t the people I want, or rather, need to convince.

The movie was just beautiful on many different levels.. And it was pretty funny at some parts.. I guess most importantly, it’s the issues that resound in my mind at the end of the movie.. The soundtrack is awesome. Logan Lerman’s acting was so great.. Like from Percy Jackson to Charlie, I could see this huge leap.

His voice is so gorgeous, I swear.

Through the movie, I’m able to see how lucky I am to be where I’m at right now.. I’m so thankful for the things that I’ve been through, the people that I’ve met, have had relationships with.. In a sense, they all shaped my thoughts, who I am today and brought me to my current place. If I’ve not met someone that made me feel like I was worth nothing, I wouldn’t have known how’s it like to feel like I actually do mean so much to someone else. Without great disappointments, there wouldn’t be great surprises as well. I’m thankful for all the decisions that I’ve made that have brought me to you. Yes, the one and only you. I’ve never felt so free, so loved, so happy before. It’s so beautiful that sometimes I fear I might ruin it with a silly thought so I try to not let my mind run wild. And you do help me with my insecurities.. You do talk to me and listen to my worries, and I’m so glad that we are constantly talking about our feelings.

I’m truly blessed.


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