Virgin Expensive Eggs

Schoolmates decided to go for a brunch.. And we chose Choupinette, which was far off in the rich people neighbourhood.. Landed property, and there was a mansion that had a big sign stating ‘Ng’s Mansion’. I can imagine all the rich people just crossing the overhead bridge, spending their time at the German Marketplace and Starbucks during the weekends..

I was so excited, especially after reading about their Egg’s Benedict & Royal on Ladyironchef’s blog.. It looked so good.. So mouthwatering. And so.. I knew what I was going to order..

Egg’s Royal Brunch Set ($23+)

Poached eggs on toast served with generous amounts of smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce

The most expensive eggs I’ve ever had in my life, honestly.

Since it was my virgin experience, I do not have anything to compare it to, hence I can’t say if it’s truly worth it or not. Have never tried Hatched or Wild Honey, but I will try them some day!!

It looked like a manageably small portion initially but halfway through it, I was quite stuffed. I guess it’s partially because of the eggs and the sauce (which is made out of yolks and butter = high cholesterol)

The poached eggs were done nicely.. Firm white (Didn’t like the texture though.. Which is probably due to the vinegar, thus it’s meant to be that way plus I’m not an egg white person) with runny yolk. -slurps slurps- It’s so bad that I’m such an avid yolk lover.. All that cholesterol….

I found the salmon too salty for my liking though (But Abhi says that salmon is pretty salty by nature?) So when it gets too overwhelming, the juice and coffee (Comes with the set) helped to balance it out.. I’d go back again. Probably once more, next year.. 🙂

I’ll try something different next time.. Maybe Egg’s Benedict.. Since the ham looked pretty good as well.

Ugh, looking at it makes me hungry. Got to run!


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