Two is better than one.

I’m really bad with words… So bear with me.

I cannot emphasise how lucky and thankful I feel for having you every day in my life… I would anticipate the day when you return and we can go experience the world together (Or maybe just eating lots and lots of food and rolling home). I would love to reminisce the silly things we would do and say… My epic expression when I mistook the ambulance siren for the doorbell.. And when the parcel finally did arrive. I love it when we talk about the few occasions when we went out just 3 months ago.. It’s still amazing, the way things turned out ultimately..

I wish for time to fly by quickly but yet, at the same time, hope it doesn’t just slip away as every day with you right now is just as memorable. The past month did swoosh by in a blink of an eye… And I guess it’s a good thing because it means I’ll see you soon enough again.

And in the meantime, I’d stay safe, and you have to do the same as well, and wait for Summer to arrive. I guess this is the best promise we can make to each other at the moment. /hooks pinky/

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m equally bad at expressing myself in written and verbal form.

I’m so glad this is all not just a dream.. It’s real (if you can hold it in your hand, feel it in your heart; see it with your eyes and even in the dark).

I guess, like you said, two is better with ‘one’. /shh/


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