Hello, goodbye.

Jonathan Clay’s Hello Goodbye is in my head and he’s singing ‘I’m so tired of the rainy days’ and it’s raining outside….


Photo of the swans taken at Switzerland, beside The Chapel Bridge

Well well…. 2012 went past in a blink of an eye in a way I’ve never experienced before.. It was extremely fast and I guess it’s because I wasn’t studying for a good 9 months. I was also working for 7-8 months, at two different companies – two very different working atmospheres and job scopes. For 6 months, I did so much, it was pretty fulfilling I must say, working with that company. I had so much interaction with people, be it in person, or on the phone, and sending countless of emails to so many strangers. I had to call up countless of companies and talk to their staff, some of which weren’t really friendly (Quite big names lol but details which I can’t reveal, of course). I’ve met people who view themselves as being so superior and they spoke to me in demeaning ways (High position in big company, wah). I helped out with the company’s audit and worked with a lovely bunch of people, and I’ve learnt so much in that short period of time. Then of course, I started working at St. Games for a really short period of time but the working atmosphere was amazing with the right people. I’ve always enjoyed interacting with people (staff or customers) so I guess, I really liked what I was doing, especially when I wasn’t working for the money but rather to be out of home and killing my time.

Through working, I learnt the hard truth that even though I had a stable income of nearing $1k+ (including CPF) for about 7 months, even if I were to not touch my pay at all, I would still be unable to pay for the first semester of my University education, and that really sucked.

2012 was a really lucky year for me though I must say.. I was extremely fortunate to have been able to go for 2 overseas trips, about 10 countries in total. I have also met a really great person in my life who tells me how much he loves me everyday and I have a selfish wish that even if I were to be very unreasonable one day (for god knows what reason), he would hold me and remind me of how we first met and how we both chose to take a leap of faith.

I am unable to find my resolutions for 2012, but I guess it was something like how I have to exercise regularly which failed terribly because I only exercised regularly for 1 month….. I’m going to plan out my 2013 resolutions well and keep track of it constantly.. I can do this! I will do it!!!

And because, yours truly here was trying out some Photoshop stuff a few weeks back, so I ended up with a mishmash of random photo edits..


Camwhore sessions with the grandson. I swear sometimes we meet with the sole purpose of purely taking photos (of ourselves).

europe_summary copyThe different places I’ve been to in Europe.
Everything in Europe looks good once you Instagram it. I wish we had similar infrastructure in Singapore instead of standard HDB flats… Which is impossibru.

hongkong2Finally going to Hongkong and I tried so much good food!

Great dimsum and bo luo yao at Mongkok, and I bought my Nike high-tops fairly cheaply, and we also got a giant Rilakkuma bear!

19I turned 19…. My very last teenage year T ^ T
(That’s my name on that pink frame thing… Which was meant for babies actually)


Attended Bryan’s POP with the Thunder Buddies… I really don’t like sweaty (and smelly) guys….


Watching fireworks with a guy alone on National Day for the very first time in my life… It was really special :’)
We made 2 new friends, both of which are plants……… Hah!

USSHaving the time of my life at USS with Choy, experiencing the thrilling rides (Mummy, Battlestar Galactica) and going for them again and again.. Now I need something scarier (i.e. T Express which has a descent of 77 degrees at Everland, South Korea). I went for that once.. And I need to go for it again ’cause I need that adrenaline rush yo~~

IMG_0346(2)Attending the first K-Pop concert in my life with Sharlene… After going for only Click Five and Kyle Patrick concerts!


Belated Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with the Thunder Buddies and we met Nat Ho by chance!

With that, I’m bidding farewell to 2012 and hello to 2013.

Photo on 22-12-12 at 10.47 PM #5 copyThat’s me literally leaping into the New Year.


( . )( . ) > Dedicated to the douche who googled ‘singapore boobs’ and arrived at my blog.


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