I’ve only got forever and forever is fine.

I really love moments like these – when I’m just in the bathroom taking a normal shower and then all sorts of ideas pop up in my head and I get this really strong motivation to do something, not necessarily big, but something different. It’s funny how I think about serious thoughts mostly in the shower or right before sleeping and this probably happens to most people out there but if I could, I would do a fist-punch into the air while showering and if my neighbours so happen to be in their bathroom, they would see this random long arm mid-air.

Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah. I get a feeling that I never never never never had before, no no.

Ok the end of my Flo Rida segment. Thing is, I was thinking about certain unaccomplished stuff from last year, and I ended up dragging my heels and hesitated so much about things because of university. I was just so caught up with my schedule, worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle my first semester well and I must say, I really want to be the change that I want to see. I don’t want to talk openly about what the plans were lest they don’t actually come true in the future but I got a really good feeling. Maybe it’s the water supplied to my shower head, blessed with motivation and energy.

As my holidays are coming to an end, I feel like I could do so much more and sometimes, the way I see it, I’m experimenting with the things I do during my holidays just to see how I feel the most fulfilled, and I came to a conclusion. I feel that my holiday is the most well-spent when I actually am working because I do get a sense of accomplishment from doing something, e.g. learning something new, making people happy, rather than completing more than 30 Running Man episodes and 2 dramas, which was essentially what I did this holiday.

I really do need to be more ambitious instead of sitting on my butt all day long. There are some things I really want for myself, and I think I shouldn’t be letting my studies hold me back. If I want to learn a new language well, I jolly well do it. If I want to play my ukulele decently, I’m going to have to practise. It’s kind of a pity though that I’m unsure if I should continue with my piano lessons because it’s difficult to coordinate lessons (for now). I know I do have tons of excuses. I have bought my books that are needed for my diploma exam, so it would be such a waste to stop midway.. I’ll figure something out, I guess.

I do need to give myself one big pat on my shoulder though because during my school term, I kept lamenting about my lack of social life and during the holidays, I made time off to meet my old friends, and even dinner plans with my university schoolmates. My old friends always remind me of the happy and more innocent days that we used to have… Those days when we were more concerned about why the lady at the 菜販 stall is so damn biased towards guys and I want to tell her to treat me like a guy because I can eat one whole cow on my own. I was talking to an old friend whom I met when I was only 14 recently, and it is just so amazing how we have all become so much more serious now. Gone were the days when we were doing blogskins (because it was pretty damn happening then), gone were the days when we pretended to be cousins, gone were the days when we were typing like THIS BECAUSE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE SO DAMN CUTE. Now, we’re talking about real issues, future concerns. Our relationships, future careers, etc. Damn, I want to be young again. Get these mundane adult issues out of my head!

After about 4+ 5 years, I’m finally back in a proper serious relationship that I really want to work out and I feel like if it was the 14/15 year old me or partner back then, things would have been really difficult, especially with the time and distance that we are experiencing right now. I’m just so thankful to whoever that created the Internet, WhatsApp, Skype, WordPress, Blogger, FaceBook, Twitter… Because you know what they say about ‘space-shrinking technologies’ (Which should never be used in GP essays.. Correct me if I’m wrong Mr Choy :p) – It really does change the whole concept of time and space. It was really a blessing that both of us chose to be two crazy courageous people and made this choice together. I guess luck and time was on our side, and with effort from both of us. I feel like I really could use the whole Powerpuff Girls line now, “SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE. THESE WERE THE INGREDIENTS CHOSEN TO CREATE THE PERFECT LITTLE GIRLS…….”

I’m really glad that I chose to do something different about my life.. And with that, I’m ending this post with a quote from one of my favourite movie adaption of one of my favourite book series – The Princess Diaries.

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear.
The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.”

P.S. The advertisement at the top is bugging me like mad. It’s ruining the layout!


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