So…. Little Miss Fickle decided to change her blog layout again.. I know it’s not that of a big deal.. But my heart was wavering so much after I chanced upon a really cute and pretty clean layout and to my horror, I could not use it. The advertisement by WP at the top was messing up with the layout as well and it just really irritates me how everything wasn’t nicely in place. I kinda like this layout because it’s really clean and neat, with a good mix of serifs and san-serifs. The only pet peeve that I have is that I can’t view the posts entirely without having to click on another link even though my settings are set to ‘view full post’. Thank god the post preview looks pretty decent, with or without the post image, so I’m sticking with this template.

It’s also pretty annoying how WP has got a really limited range of good and nice layouts (By nice, either it’s really awesome or really minimalist without looking tacky). The really awesome layouts have to be bought at premium rates of at least $50 and above (not sure if it’s a one time thing), and any minor tweaks – such as font type and CSS – can be done at $30 per month/year. ARE YOU INSANE?!?! With Blogger, I can pretty much do all sorts of awesome shit with HTML from the [head] to the [body] and add in as much javascript as I like – snowflakes falling with a custom cursor if I want to – and now, I can’t change the font type or even colour for that matter.

So I tell myself that this blog is not about visuals anyway.

I stumbled upon some pretty good Korean indie artistes recently through Running Man and I’m so impressed by them. Listening to all these fresh songs gives my ears a break from the thrashy sounding songs that most K-pop groups are producing nowadays. There’s just so much dub-step and all… I was listening to TVXQ’s Catch Me, which is really catchy but I didn’t like that robot-sex interlude thing, as it kind of ruined the song, which could otherwise be so much better. It scares me how I’m just forever catching up with the newer songs and the older songs that I listened to when I grew up as a child starts fading away from my memory.. It’s as though music, like my memories, from the past, can be easily replaced.. You know? If that even makes any sense.

Anyway, my thoughts are really scattered today. But I chanced upon Tom Fletcher’s (Singer of McFly) wedding speech which was one of the sweetest things ever because he used McFly’s songs and changed the lyrics, thus singing his wedding speech, or should I say song? I loved the part whereby he thanked his and his bride’s parents using the song ‘The Heart Never Lies’ and he sang ‘The groom never lies’, which was really really sweet. My ultimate soft spot for musicians. But of course, I love great writers as well 😉



One thought on “#76

  1. 운 좋은 남자 친구 says:

    Hey dear, I love the new layout (sorry I haven’t said anything about it yet, I’ve been reading your post via the email WP sends me whenever you post) -stalker stalker-

    The quote “Just run with me through rows of speeding cars” seems to be blocked by the giant SPACESTRUCK though 😦 Not to get on your nerves by pointing it out, but I think we’re both the kind of people who would be like @($$!_%*@!$ why is it like that.

    Miss you. x

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