There’s no easy way to say goodbye.

Your favorite band isn’t your favorite just because of the music. Yes, that has a huge part, but it’s also their personalities. It’s that finding out they’re not coming to your city ruins your week. If you’ve seen them live, you can name all the dates by heart. It’s the fact that their videos can make you smile with tears streaming down you face. You can make fun of them like you would with your best friend. You do things, such as mowing the lawn, just to buy a show ticket, a CD, a shirt, a DVD. You fall in love with their personalities. You cry because you’re so proud of them. You defend them with your life. For some people, they’ve saved their lives. You love their crew as you love the band. They’re the reason why you know some of your best friends.

I just got the news this week that The Click Five has parted their own ways and they would now be focusing on their individual projects.. I guess I kind of saw it coming, seeing how the members have been more actively involved with their individual activities, like Kyle Patrick and his solo albums and Asia tour, and Ben Romans mingling with many other musicians and producing music.

I wasn’t the early fan of The Click Five, I didn’t even listen to them when Eric Dill was their lead singer. When I first bought tickets to the concert, I wasn’t even a huge fan! I haven’t even heard of many of their songs, except for Jenny, Good Day and Catch Your Wave (and the other popular songs) at that point of time. Just a short period of time before their concert, I downloaded the Modern Minds and Pastimes album and played it on replay. When I was at the concert, I didn’t even know ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ or ‘Summertime’ but they were just such great musicians that I truly enjoyed myself.

I am eternally thankful towards Hui Ying, for having introduced The Click Five to me and persuading me so badly to go for the concert. I remembered how in 2008, I was such a problematic teenager in addition to certain family problems. I was so unmotivated to study that my mum offered to tutor me for Maths and even pay me for that and I would still refuse to do something about it. It was until I needed money to pay for the concert that I struck a deal with my mum to get taught and paid by her.

It was the very first concert of my life, the first time I queued for 7 hours before the show, sitting on the rock hard ground outside the doors. Queuing for 7 hours was so terrible so it always makes me wonder how do those K-pop fans last the whole day and even the night over. I probably would never do that again in my life as it’s such a waste of time.

I can’t forget the moments when we could listen to them rehearsing from the outside and we were all hyped up, singing along while waiting outside. The doors to the concert hall finally opened and we ran like mad in order to get to the front. We managed to stand at the third/fourth row and the audience were jostling and pushing. We could see the silhouette of the band members behind the giant white cloth and the moment when it was released. I can still remember vivdly how they made us sing along to Jenny, how they performed Headlight Disco, and the moment Kyle sang Empty and I was tearing and I swore he looked in my direction (delusional fangirl). I was blown away by Ben Romans craziness as he played his keytar, rolled all over the floor, shook his butt so hard and did other crazy things. I was jumping and shouting so hard that I didn’t even realise my friends and cousin were not beside me any more. I was clawing away other crazy fangirls’ hair from my arm (Seriously, PLEASE TIE UP YOUR HAIR, IT’S DISGUSTING TO BE SWEATING AND YOUR HAIR IS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!). I remembered this super hugeeeeee dude that pushed his way through from the back all the way to the front and I was falling over on other people. I remembered screaming for guitar picks and at the end of the night, my ears were ringing so badly, my throat was sore but it was just so intense, so awesome. I found my friends at the back of the standing arena and throughout the concert, I was just alone with random strangers, and made new ‘friends’ among the crowd.

After the concert, I experienced the worst concert withdrawal symptoms EVER (I did not even experience that after BIGBANG’s Alive Concert). I was so crazy over Romans, I would listen to their songs again and again, both Greetings from Imrie House and MMAP. I remembered having a dream that I had an exclusive fanmeet with the members and they gave me a casette recording (So old-school lol) and when I woke up, I went to search through my entire bag and alas, nothing was found.

Towards the last quarter of the year, I got into probably one of the worst depression moods ever in my life. I had so many suicidal and negative thoughts in my head, and I remembered how my cousin gave me Cadbury chocolates and stuck little stickers with words on them and I had to use the chocolates to form words, like a puzzle, to decipher a messages (e.g. Ben loves you! — True story, bro) She wrote me an encouraging note, printed out Ben’s picture and stuck it on the envelope.

TC5 was probably the first band I was so crazy for, because their music brought light to my life in the darkest moments and they kind of shaped me to be who I am today. I am so glad that I went for that concert because if I didn’t, I probably would never get the chance to see a proper TC5 concert in my life ever again.

In 2010, many musicians were brought to Singapore to perform at the Promenade for YOG, and TC5 was one of them. VIP passes were given out to Singtel users who bought a certain Samsung phone and with extremely great luck, my cousin bought that particular model and managed to get VIP passes to their show as well. Really was too damn lucky since there were other artistes like 張棟樑 and Nathan Hartono, both of which I managed to go for as well. It was really amazing, to have been able to see Ben’s massive beard.

I would very much love to see them perform once again as a band.. It’s such a pity that my favourite song is All I Need is You and they don’t ever perform it at all.

Though it is disappointing to see my favourite band end like this, I’m extremely thankful for all the great songs they have written and sung. I’m grateful for their wonderful performances, and I really do hope they do well in their future endeavours. Maybe the chances of seeing Ben Romans performing solo in Asia would be terribly slim, but I really would want him to have a special meet and greet, just like the one Kyle Patrick had at TAB. It was the first time I was in such close contact with a musician – talking to him, asking him about Ben’s beard (:x), taking a photo together and watching him perform on stage while I was literally seated like a few meters away.

Those experiences make up a large part of the best memories of my life. I thank you, every single one of you – Kyle Patrick, Ben Romans, Joey Zehr, Joe Guese and Ethan Mentzer.

Please do release Taking 5 Part 2. It would be great. Oh, and a final TCV tour? 😦


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