I watched it begin again.

Sometimes I’m really really envious of people who are talented at doing something – Writing, drawing, singing, composing, dancing etc. It’s like they can express themselves so well in one medium, their vocabulary in whatever they are doing is extensive.

Happiness is more than ‘happy’, or a smile, or singing about the things that make one happy. Sadness is more than just feeling down, or a frown, or a tune using a minor key.

Every emotion can be expressed in ways more than what is the obvious.. Like a sad expression could be a really vacant stare, a hint of a tear that’s almost falling out from the eye, a slight twitch of the mouth that doesn’t say much.

I really admire those who can sing the same lines I do but yet they bring in a multitude of emotions with their own voices.. Or those who can dance really well, with each movement, they can fully convey what they want to.

No, but I don’t have that kind of talent, so I can’t express my emotions without sounding like a little kid that’s tripping over her own words.

That’s quite sad isn’t it?


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