I dyed.

So apparently, I’ve wanted to dye my hair for a really long time.. But I just never got my ass down to doing so because I had so many reasons to not dye my hair as compared to the one and only reason I wanted to dye my hair (i.e. my braids would look nicer and more obvious). It didn’t help that I’ve always had this thought that my mum would never ever ever let me dye my hair (not to mention it’s so expensive if you don’t want your hair to dry and fall out from your head – exaggeration), so I never did mention once about wanting to dye my long tresses, until she went to dye her hair just last week.

Despite some casual hinting, I wasn’t actually intending to do it for real (or was I?) because I had worries like:

  • My hair’s going to look so ugly once my roots grow out
  • My hair colour isn’t going to match my eyebrow colour
  • My hair is going to be so frizzy and dry
  • I would develop an allergic reaction and die while dyeing
  • I’d lose my natural hair colour (which I kinda like because it’s not that black – A hairdresser actually asked me once if I’ve dyed it before so I’ll take it as a compliment that my hair is pretty brown hehe – Try reading that at one go)

So apparently, it was really random but I just called and slot myself in for a dye job and my hair transformed from darkdarkdarkdark brown to darkdark reddish brown (I’m really a professional at describing colours, in case you didn’t know). Everything happened within 4 hours.

Apparently I knew that the dyeing process would be long and really smelly, but I didn’t expect it to be that bad. It wasn’t like THAT bad but yeah, still pretty bad. (It’s kind of like my writing style)

For one, I was probably the weirdest customer ever because when they’re trying to do shit with your hair, you’d be reading a magazine but no, I was either stoning or looking in the mirror to look at them, which is actually a mere fuzz because my spectacles were off. And yes, I can’t read anything without putting the magazine right in front of my face. So I attempted reading without my specs (T n T) and I really had to hold the magazine close to my face while I saw the dude next to me having his magazine on his lap.

The smell is terrible. It’s like doing a chemistry experiment all over again in Secondary school, like when you try to heat ammonium salt and NH4+ becomes NH3 and it gives off a nasty smell. I think it’s probably like 10/20x worse when dyeing your hair. Half of the time, I was trying not to breathe, especially when they were colouring the hair closest to my face. I remembered after they washed my hair for the second time, I heard the stylist told her assistant it’s not brown enough and I wanted to cry on the inside because I wanted it to end and get out of the salon as quickly as possible. Thank god they only did it for 2 rounds.

I can’t imagine why people would want to put themselves through all that in the name of vanity. The scalp biting part wasn’t bad though (I think it’s probably just my colour not needing that much bleach or something), and I kind of liked it because I like the way it hurts.

Thankfully my hair is still smooth and shiny but it still reeks a little. My scalp’s kinda sensitive and it hurts when I shampoo. I’m also quite sad that I stained my favourite pink towel, so now my towel as reddish pink blotches (T n T)…

This might probably be my first and last time dyeing hair for frivolous vanity reasons. Maybe the next time I dye my hair, it’d be due to the white hair on my head.

I really do like reddish-brown though, I think it suits me (ha-ha-ha). If I ever do dye again for pure vanity, I might go for a brighter red. I might be a natural redhead -flicks hair- except without the intelligence.

This is such a pointless post, but still -flicks-.


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