“Those that are rich, they can easily move away to other countries. Then those who are poor, they’ll just be stuck here.”

So that’s what I told my dad, when we were just having a brief discussion on Population White Paper. I’m not sure I’m ready for a 6.9 million population, considering that I’m definitely not liking the congestion on the train but I can’t exactly turn down the idea of bringing in foreign workers either. Thing is, I can’t really explain how it works because I’ve long thrown all my Econs knowledge back to school.

I’m just thinking, what if there comes a day whereby I feel the need to migrate?

Then it just strikes me with fear how I may never be able to earn that kind of income that can guarantee me a satisfactory life, or even have any extra savings that could come in handy should I need to migrate to other countries. Great, so now I sound like one of those ungrateful bastards who don’t love their countries.

No, I don’t actually want to migrate. I can’t think of any other place that I would possibly want to live in (Maybe South Korea, for the food, minus the winter) because I actually love where I am now. I love the cleanliness (thanks to our cleaners, not the people, who seriously need others to clean up after their asses), the security etc. I don’t even mind squeezing on the trains at times.. I guess..? I don’t mind not having a car to drive. But I can’t imagine the day whereby Singapore isn’t an ideal place for future generations to live in thus we either suck it up and stay here, or be rich enough to migrate.

This is like PSLE all over again, except it’s your life. It’s either you make it, or you’re screwed (I suppose).

If you get good grades, you’re like the king, you get to choose any school you want. All the Secondary schools will beg you to choose them. If you don’t, then too bad, you just have to find a school that can accept you, or rather your scores based on one major exam.

I really wonder if I am going to be capable enough to have that kind of ability to relocate myself when I want/need to.

It just scares me how there might be the day whereby this beautiful place isn’t as great as it used to be or is now.


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