I could get used to this.

Every time I think about us, I feel so lucky, so lucky to have met you. I guess you were different from anyone I had ever dated. For them, it was a case of quick physical attraction, and also the feeling of wandering into the unknown. This is not to say that you aren’t attractive, except I was attracted to you for other reasons.

I guess from the very first day we officially met, I was able to be so at ease with you. I was captivated by your wittiness, your humour, your passion, and so much more – even on that particular day, when you were so cranky. I still remember the little conversations we would share, the times we played video games together, the days and nights we were out together, be it alone or with our friends. When everyone said you were the nicest guy at work, perhaps you didn’t know this, but I agreed (ok, not that I met all the guys). You were just different, different from any other person I’ve ever dated, or even met.

I know it’s only been a short 5 months, but in just slightly more than 2 months, you’ll be back again.. And I can’t wait for the day to come. The last moments when we bade goodbye are still etched deeply in my mind, that awkward hug, that feeling of not wanting to leave but I simply had to. The past few months with you (though not in person) have been extremely exhilarating and enchanting, and I can’t wait to see what Summer might bring. I know it’s silly, to think of what the future might bring for us, to think so far ahead when what we’ve got so far is just a small milestone but these little things, are what keeps me going. They remind me what we are in for, the distance and time difference that we have put ourselves through.

I’m also glad that my mum has come to know of your existence as my special one. I want her to see how different you are from many others, and also trust that, this time round, I will be mature enough to handle my relationships properly.

You are all I could ever ask for, and I hope that even as this honeymoon-feeling fades off, we’ll still love each other’s flaws and learn how to work our way around them.


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