A love as good as gold.

After a few years, I finally stepped into SGH again, this time round for quite a similar reason, except less severe than the previous time. When I saw how frail mummy looked, just silently laying in bed with her eyes shut, it really broke my heart. She opened her eyes upon hearing us and spoke really softly, her eyes welled up with tears.. And being the emotional crybaby that I am, I couldn’t contain my own tears anymore even though I told myself it was nothing, and I wouldn’t cry. Obviously, things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to.

The way daddy wiped her tears away and dabbed her eyes occasionally.. It was really heart-warming.. It reminded me of how when he fell ill a few years back, it was mummy who stood by his side, who went to the hospital almost every day, who stayed there for long hours, who told us that we shouldn’t come because he was in a much critical condition..

Even though they hardly do show affection for each other, even though the criticism aspect of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse in relationships always occur, and threatens to jeopardise their relationship, it’s such incidents which make me see how much they really do love and care for each other..

They may not be all that sweet, and lovey-dovey, but at least in difficult times, they did not choose to take flight, and instead, chose to stay strong and be that pillar of support for one another.. And that makes me really envious.. I wonder if I’ll be able to be like them, to fight for the people around them, the people they love dearly.. Even if it hurts to see them in pain.

Please get well soon 😥


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