Between now and then, till I see you again, I’ll be loving you.

Thank you once more, for your sweet messages.. Not sweet in the lovey-dovey, cliche manner. But in the, simple way, whereby no empty promises are being made.

I know my worries are indeed unfounded and I’m sorry you’ve to put up with them occasionally. Thank you for always being so patient and assuring, never getting mad at me feeling the way I do at times.

I know I’ve never said this but I was really happy for you when you told me about your play getting chosen for Edinburgh Fringe as well as getting the position of co-president. I know you really wanted this, and I don’t think I should be stopping you from chasing after your dreams.

Maybe you don’t know this (or you might, if you check your blog stats hah!), but I find myself reading your old posts once in a while, be it on the train, or in between my classes.. I read them and reflect on what we have and what we went through to be where we are today. And my dear, this is something you wrote (not in the exact words) that is so true.

You are in UK for a reason. You didn’t travel so far, to endure the distance, time and space differences just to rest on your laurels and do nothing.

That’s why, even if it means getting to spend less time together, I want you to accomplish as much as you can and want to during your stay in UK because back here, is where you will ultimately be (with me, I hope heh). I want you to experience all the great things, and at the end of each day, share these amazing experiences you’ve had with me and also with your future students. I know you will be an inspiration.. For me, for many others. All these seem kind of distant, and I’m probably thinking too far.. But there’s a reason why I fell in love with the way you had such great passion for theatre and of course, ultimately, loving you for who you are.

I’ll be here to share your experiences, to listen to your stories, the things you’ve learnt in school. I do admit that sometimes, it does get lonely along the way, especially during those times when we barely get to talk at all in a week, and I feel like I know nothing about what’s going on in your life.. So continue share your life with me, be it the exciting events or even the little mundane things. I know you’re putting in more effort in doing so recently, with your play and all.

I know I’ll probably get a bit worried and paranoid again when you go for your trip soon but I’ll still be loving you alright?

Love, Me.


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