But on a Wednesday at a cafe, I watched it begin again.

I haven’t been blogging in such a long while.. And I feel like sometimes the amount of blogging I do is somehow proportionate to the amount of thoughts that go through my mind, thoughts that I seriously think through and reflect upon.. I guess partly, I don’t really blog in a sense that I really suck at expressing my own thoughts.. I have a million things that go through my mind when I’m in the shower, on my bed, in the car but when I get to WordPress and try to type them all out, suddenly, they’re like the little bugs that disappear when you switch on the light.

It’s saddening because like what Dr. Vishwanath said, a human is intelligent if he is able to express his thoughts in ways people can understand.. You can have high IQ but if you do not know how to present your ideas, you’re still not intelligent. I guess it’s true to some extent, because what’s the point of having all these brilliant thoughts in your head, when ultimately at the end of the day, nobody’s going to understand it simply due to your own inability to present these ideas.

On a positive note, this Summer is looking up to be an awesome one because you are finally back. Even though it’s going to be a short couple of months, I’m sure we’ll make this Summer count, just like last Summer, where we started creating beautiful memories, unknowingly since the first day of our work together. I still vividly remember how we broke the ice pretty quickly, with awkward laughs and quirky remarks.. And in no time, we hit off well (at least in my opinion!).. I really enjoyed the times when we simply just worked together, stayed back after work after the shutters were closed to play Rock Band and Raving Rabbids. I also remember the moments when we were secretly talking in the pantry for just a tiny bit because we went out on a *secretive date* during National Day, and me playfully taking your wallet away when we were closing the shop.

Though this Summer is off to a rough start, with our own problems at hand, I’m sure we’ll make it through and continue with our Fall apart stronger than last year ok. Even if it means doing simple things like catching a meal, sipping coffees and chatting or just playing video games together, they will all be wonderful memories that I will cherish dearly.

If it’s real we’ll make it through, ’cause all I need is you.


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