Fall FOC 2013

So Fall Freshmen Orientation Camp has finally come to an end, and I’m still lazing around in my messy room and my bag is still sitting on the ground, waiting to unpack itself.

It has been such a wonderful journey thus far. I’ve learnt so much in a short span of two weeks, met so many amazing and inspiring people and felt like this holiday, was probably one of the most well-spent ones, albeit super duper tiring.

Initially, I was still kind of apprehensive, as I joined FOC all alone, without any friends. I must have dreaded the first meeting so so much because I was just like an awkward little kid who knew no one and had to make friends on the spot. Soon, it was the first dry run and I still remember how during days before, I was panicking and wondering if my partner was a douchebag. Thankfully, he isn’t. He is such an easy going person and I think we kind of hit off pretty well (from my point of view that is). From the drawing and painting of our flags, to the playing of the games, I felt that we kind of worked well together.

I also made a couple of friends who really made this camp experience so wonderful. We’ve only known each other for such a short while but it really didn’t take much for you guys to get into my comfort zone and I really enjoyed all the time we spent together.

Before I even knew it, the camp was going to happen and I was going to be (sort of) a mother or caretaker for my 20 freshies. It was kind of stressful, as I felt like I was either going to make their experience a great or a terrible one. But I can never forget the excitement – waking up early in the morning on the first day of camp, slowly getting to know my freshies, ushering the other freshies in. Time passed by so quickly and in a blink of an eye, the camp was going to end. Through that, I truly understood what it meant by 「台上十分鐘,台下十年工」.

Through this camp, I’ve met so many new people, said a number of inappropriate things (I have a really bad problem of not thinking before I say stuff, ugh), did countless of crazy things and I know that there’s so much more to me. I admit, sometimes during the dry run, I would think to myself “wow this so tiring, how do these seniors do it continuously without fail for almost every semester” and then at the end of it all, I can fully understand why they choose to “torture” themselves. The sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is indescribable. The feeling of going all the way to help others, the feeling of trying to make someone  feel really comfortable and welcomed. Although Rebels may not have won in the end, but it felt so good to have worked with the other OGLs from Patriots, it felt amazing that perhaps we made a difference to our freshies’ lives as this is their first step into University life after all. It felt like you suddenly gained so many more family members and suddenly, I don’t feel as detached from school as I used to anymore.

I know you guys probably won’t see this but I still have to say it:

Thank you so much Rudy and Kannan for all the advice that you two have given. I have gained so much through working and interacting with you guys. I’ve learnt so much and know what I can improve on if I were to be an OGL again.

Thank you Kelly, Vivienne and Wiki for being such crazy and awesome people. You girls really made a huge difference to this FOC experience, and I really enjoyed all the silly things we did, like worm racing, night walk with Vee and camwhoring.

Thank you Linus, for being so patient and such a joy to work with. I really appreciate the effort you put into painting the flag, making the freshies feel comfortable (I really respect you for that because I just couldn’t help but feel awkward at times), doing crazy things like trying to scare the freshies during nightwalk, singing army songs etc. Thanks for making this FOC super hilarious too because you’re one heck of a funny guy.

Most importantly, thank you to my Freshies for being such a wonderful bunch to work with. Though not many of you could stay with us till the end of FOC, I still appreciate your effort to partake in the activities to try and know each other better and now being more active on the WhatsApp chat, and helping each other with any queries. I really hope you guys had a blast and enjoyed yourselves during the camp.

This is the best holiday I’ve had so far!


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