Breaking up after almost 4 years.

This was probably the longest relationship I’ve ever had with any technological device. It was fun while it lasted, those 4 long years. I held on to you while you faced new competitors every single year. You gradually became a little slow – too slow – and a little cranky. Soon enough, I couldn’t update you to a better iOS simply because I feared that anything more, you might not be able to handle it and call it quits. I liked the way you look and felt, even though you were a little tad heavier compared to the rest.

Now that we’ve broken up, I do miss you. Probably more so the way you fit perfectly in my hands, but I have moved on quickly, just like the speed of the A7 chip in my new partner. You have served me well for the past 4 years, or rather 2 + 2, since my original one got traded in and you were handed down to me from my dad.

There are just so many things to love about you – your shape and the old iOS. I never understood why most people felt that you looked “out-of-fashion”. Maybe I’m tad “old-fashioned” myself, but I loved the old interface. There were moments where you annoyed the hell out of me too, how I would open one app and it would take forever to load, and then crashing almost immediately.

Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street.

Ok, I have no idea why I’m writing this. I’m not sure if I’m weird or what but the greatest perk of changing my phone after so long was the vast improvement in speed. I love how my apps open up so instantaneously, no lag, no nothing. I don’t like that boxy feel in my hand and I don’t like how delicate the phone seems. I love how my 3GS seemed so tough. No matter how many times I abused it by having it somersault off my hands onto the ground, it still seems to show me some love, with a wee bit of exceptions.

But anyhow, here’s to another 3/4 years with my phone. Isn’t it funny how everyone seems to be wanting the latest model and I’m like this old granny who tries to hold on to the old things? I think the fact that my phone has the perfect music interface, allows me to connect with people and has a decent camera is all that I need till the phone decides to give up on itself.

Oh and there’s a front camera too. Finally I get to play with this function after so long!



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