Yet another semester ends.

I’m off to a really bad start for study week so here goes…. I really should stop procrastinating.

I thought the first semester for Uni was bad enough. Well, this Fall proved me wrong. This semester really flew by in a blink of an eye. I was counting down, first week.. second week. And before I even realised, it was the last week. Fall 2013 is probably the most intense semester so far, no thanks to UGC and my really lax timetable.

There’s really so much to take away from this Fall though. I’m really glad to have met Valerie from my COM125 class and occasionally talking to her sometimes makes me think a little bit more – about my life, my choices etc. It’s quite rare to hold a conversation with some of a certain level of maturity in school, so I’m really thankful for that. I’ve also made a few more friends this time round, thanks to us having the same timetable.

Besides all the nice lovely people I’ve made friends with, of course, there are always that bunch of people who never fail to piss you off in ways you can never ever possibly imagined. When it comes to pet peeves, besides people who don’t contribute to projects and people with a lack of basic common sense, the one thing that really ticked me off so badly for almost the entire semester, was the incessant chattering from the same few classmates.

Mind you, these people would engage in their oh-so-special conversations week after week, lessons after lesson. How can anyone be so oblivious to their surroundings? I don’t know. Am I being too over-sensitive or aware of my surroundings? I think not. Yes, I do talk a bit in class, but it’s more of a 5s thing, and not the endless I-think-nobody-can-hear-me-whisper-so-I-shall-talk-throughout-class (which in fact the entire class can actually hear you murmuring) kind of thing. In just this 15 weeks, I’ve experienced what I would call the different multitudes of ‘shhh’.

First level – shhh: I’m trying to listen here. Please keep quiet.

Second level – Shhhh: Do you mind? Kindly keep your mouth shut.

Third level – SSHHHHHHHH: Would you just shut your bloody trap up already? If you have that much to say, please get your butt out of this class. Nobody likes you, do you know that? No you don’t? Why don’t you just die now!?!?!?!

I can’t believe how audacious these people can be. Despite the lecturers (lol, it’s not even occurring in that one class, it’s like in a few classes. You know why? Because I’m taking the same classes together with this idiots!) asking for silence and giving angry glares, there are actually these adults who simply don’t have the basic courtesy to zip up for that 1.5 hours.

It’s up to the point where I feel terrible for the lecturers. It’s not even like they’re dealing with primary school kids you know. If they actually bother to try shush you up and get you to listen, they care. They’re not rambling on over that chatter because they want the students to take away something from the class; to get the best out of their class. Of course, some people just have to simply ruin other people’s teaching and learning experiences.

Other than that, I’m quite happy with myself for being able to achieve decent grades for my modules except *deng deng* UGC… What a killer. Time to motivate myself to train for the battle and slay that dragon.

Anyhow, I’m really thankful for the great lecturers I have, especially Dr Thompson and Dr Lohiser. I know, Dr Thompson’s class is such a killer, but I must give him the credit for being able to teach history in such an interesting manner. The lecturer really makes the difference. I’m really glad to have Amanda for the second time and I enjoy her quirkiness (really think she could be a radio DJ). Love how she pronounces ‘Ngee Ann’ as ‘nyan’ (like nyan cat) and ‘neon’ as ‘Ngee Ann’ (in an Americanised kind of way). Plus points are always given to a Potterhead.

Just a few weeks more to push myself. Before I even know it, I’ll be in Korea! Really can’t wait to experience something different.


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