Doing the usual thinking in my head while staring into the space thing and I thought, “Why am I so uncomfortable with the word ‘bojio‘?” I never really understood why people would use it…. /shrugs/

So well, I just thought I could pen down some reasons for me to look back on whenever I see that word and feel so ueargh, like that horrible feeling you get when you hear the sound of fingernails scratching against a chalkboard.

1. They don’t feel comfortable enough around you or vice versa and wanted to avoid any awkwardness.

2. They considered that you had plans/are busy/etc. and therefore didn’t think it was that necessary to ask.

3. They don’t like you. Who likes hanging out with people they don’t like?


4. They simply forgot. Though if you’re good friends, it’s quite difficult to forget. So it’s probably 3.

Well, of course many people do say it jokingly, though I sometimes get the feeling that there’s a little tinge of sourness and dejection at times. I’m in no way judging anyone using this term…. Or am I?

I just can’t get that cringing feeling to go away whenever I see that word. The thought of me even using it makes my inner guts want to shrivel up so badly.


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