For some unknown reason, Chinese New Year felt sort of different this year. This CNY, we have a new member to the extended family, and with so many things that have been happening last year (my relatives not being in the best of health), the atmosphere just felt different to me. Perhaps that was why when I received my red packets, I felt like there was a surge of concern and a sense of relief when I wished the elder relatives good health.

Perhaps I have aged mentality again. As if my mental age isn’t old enough pft. Perhaps it’s that nagging feeling of turning 21 in less than a year that is making me more solemn than ever. Perhaps it’s due to me being away from home for more than a month, that it has led me to be more appreciative of the people around me.

21 years of receiving red packets; 21 years of not gaining any access to my red packet money, and I’m not complaining.

When I was younger, I used to envy all the other friends who would compare the amount of money they would receive during CNY and I wanted to be able to use that money to do shopping. For the longest of time, I’ve gotten so accustomed to simply passing my red packets to my mum that I’ve no idea how much I get every year (well, I know it’s at least $200 because that’s what my parents give me – or rather for me to see before I return it to them in a jiffy). I used to feel bad for friends whose parents took their money away to do their own personal ‘investments’. Slowly, I started appreciating my parents’ efforts in keeping my money for me and helping me save up for all these years as that would mean that I would have quite a great amount of savings by the time they hand the money over to me. Over the years, I kind of just want them to keep all these money instead, in repayment for all that they’ve done for me for the past 21 years. Sometimes, it’s just the truth that your parents make better decisions than you do, and this is one of the best decisions that they’ve made for me since I was a baby.


So thank you, nothing feels quite as good as being home with your family (no matter how naggy and annoying they may be).


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