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Ah…. Where should I begin? It was quite a different experience, watching a girl group for the first time, as well as being at the moshpit at a Korean concert for the first time.

Initially, I wasn’t expecting much from this concert, partly because I was afraid I’d be disappointed (like I sort of was for BIGBANG). I was also pretty apprehensive about CL’s live performance, since I felt that her style was becoming very similar to GD’s performance style. Even though it’s undeniable that they both have got great stage presence, I sometimes feel that they could sing a little more… (based on their live performance videos)

One good thing about the moshpit area this time round though was an allocated standing queue number, meaning that we would enter the standing arena according to our allocated numbers, hence it was really fair, and no need for any of that overnight queuing nonsense. However, SIS/Sports Hub ushers/crowd-control people did quite a bad job of managing the various numbered segments, which was slightly disappointing. I presume that this was the same problem CN Blue fans faced, and since this is a newly introduced system in Singapore, I hope that it will be further improved on to ensure greater fairness for the fans who are paying a lot of money to watch their idols perform.

Thankfully, Deborah and I managed to get a pretty decent standing spot (5th row, middle section) and I guess our view was pretty great the entire night (We were really close, and got an excellent view of their gorgeous legs and faces ^^). I liked how they showed all the different 2NE1 MVs, to slowly build up the hype among fans and a small group of people were also sort of teaching the rest how to do the fanchants during the actual performances (though the screaming and singing kinda drowned out the proper fanchants).

The show finally started, with them performing CRUSH, which was a great choice to kickstart the concert (well of course, what better way to start than to have your crowd waving their lightsticks and shouting ‘I’M A BITCH’). During this segment of the concert, I especially love the pink laser guns they held (during Pretty Boy… I think). Even though it was supposed to be a ‘masculine’ segment, I just thought they were really cute with the laser guns.

One thing I didn’t really appreciate about the concert were the fillers in between the different segments of the show. They had a video explaining the concept of the AON concert, which was essentially made up of four themes – masculinity (pink), purity (white), sexy (red) and rebellion (black). Though I liked the explanation which allowed the audience to better understand the way they did the line-up, I felt that the playback for half of the concert was pretty unnecessary. Though I would say they pretty much didn’t have a choice, since unlike BIGBANG, the only members who have had solo songs were Bom and CL. With that said, what happened to WINNER? Singapore was the only stop without them doing the opening, damn. Also, I was hoping Bom would perform You And I or Don’t Cry but she never did get her solo performance. CL and Minzy did not perform Please Don’t Go either…. 😦 What a waste, since that song is extremely good and highly underrated.

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CL’s really cute outfit for the sexy segment.

Of course, the highlight of the concert was CL’s 멘붕 (MTBD). I have been anticipating it since the very first time I heard the song. The song was not only great, but CL’s performance was amazing too. It was so much better than the performance video that was released on YT. I wished I could have recorded it down but the security was extremely strict (one girl got taken out of the moshpit oh gosh).

Overall, the girls put up an extremely energetic performance, as most of the songs they sang were fast-paced and they were just dancing and gyrating non-stop. I wasn’t too sure I liked their sexy concept, since I’ve always seen 2NE1 as a tough and strong group, rather than being aegyo or sexy. I won’t deny that the girls were extremely sexy, during the I Love You performance, when they caressed 4 lucky Singaporean guys (hell yeah, Dara sat on a guy’s laps while facing him and was so close to kissing him, and CL hooked one leg over a guy’s shoulder – DIED). But other than that, I think the shaking of their butts or doing lots of body waves didn’t do much in making me think that it was sexy. I guess, it was really more of a personal preference thing.

I really liked the stage set up too, which was very interesting, as they transitioned from segment to segment. The human motorcycles for I Am The Best were impressive, as I never knew they were literally riding on the backs of their dancers until the dancers stood up to dance.

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I was also extremely pleased with the rock versions of both I Don’t Care and Go Away. I think they’re both awesome and YG should re-release both versions.

Before the encore segment, Blackjacks started chanting ‘놀자 HEY HEY HEY 놀자’ (let’s play), instead of your typical ‘encore’ at any regular concert. After a few minutes, the girls entered from the doors into the standing area, and they started to touch some fans’ hands, while singing Lonely. Dara got a cute Kiiroitori hat thingy from a fan, which she promptly wore it on stage. Even though Minzy and Dara weren’t very fluent with English, they tried their best to engage the fans, and boy, the way they spoke English was so adorable! Some mosh pit fans started throwing soft toys for the girls and they played with them while performing. I think my love for Dara is increasing again, especially when she was getting fans to do the Do You Love Me fanchant again.

Dara: Do you love me?

Blackjacks: YES!

Dara: Do you love me?

Blackjacks: YES!

Dara: *awwww expression*

Processed with VSCOcam with t3 preset
Thank you girls for the amazing performance and time! What a great way to end my 21st celebration with a 2NE1 performance!

It’s all or nothing, baby.

P.S. Some of their backup dancers were pretty cute too.

Photos were from a lovely stranger, named Jon. I shamelessly asked him to send me the photos since he had a better view of the stage as compared to me. Thank you so much Jon!


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