I’m just holding on for tonight.

Approximately half an hour to go before I board the plane for my Thanksgiving break.

Well, technically it isn’t a break, considering all the work that follows next week…. But I’ll just let myself enjoy (I hope) for now.

The past few weeks has been so physically, mentally, and perhaps emotionally draining. I don’t deal with drama well, period.

I’m surprised with how I’m holding everything in well… At least, well enough for now. Perhaps it’s the few months here, that has trained me to be independent, to be tolerant… Perhaps.

Even though things feel like shit now, there’s at least one good thing I’ve learnt from everything – it is the capacity to be more tolerant. If anything, I’m extremely guilty of not being exactly tolerant towards my own family… And yet I can be so towards people who aren’t even family..

Sigh, I wonder why… I guess I’ve just been a terrible child for way too long… At least, when I get home this time round, I hope I’ll learn something from everything that has happened… And I’ll tell myself to be a better person, towards my family and my close friends. But yes, especially towards my family.


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