After the latest Dayre saga, I've noticed a lot more people coming out to talk about how there should be privacy settings or restrictions so that non-Dayre users wouldn't be able to view postings here.

I can see where they are coming from – they want to maintain this tight-knit community that's sort of exclusive and has really nice unpretentious people.

Some have made comparisons to how other social media apps have privacy settings and Dayre should do the same.

Without these settings in place and with the increased knowledge about the existence of Dayre, many fear that they can't be as candid as they used to anymore.

But what I would like to say is this

Welcome to the 21st century where privacy is dead.

(And Facebook knows you better than you know yourself)

Privacy settings can limit your audience and reduce the chances of your rants and honest thoughts being taken out of context and over-analysed by people who don't even know you. However, there are already many other platforms that have that.

That's why Dayre has something different to offer you and that's probably also why you were enticed to use the app.

Because it's one of a kind!

If Dayre was going to be all that exclusive, I wouldn't have known about some of the writers over here.

Not too sure how many people are like me, but I have the habit of looking through a few posts to decide if the content is what I like before I even follow the person.

Having to follow someone without knowing if I like his/her content just isn't my kind of thing. Granted I can always unfollow after that but every time I see a locked account, I'm like "Next", unless I actually know the person.

When I first started using Tumblr (back when it had Tumblarity), many users were also very against the idea of people sharing Tumblr posts on FB.

"Whatever is from Tumblr remains on Tumblr."

But if people did not share those posts, we wouldn't get to enjoy a lot of the humorous things we see on FB today!

From the Bacon Pancakes & Empire State of New York remix, to posts that tug at the heartstrings of Potterheads… I'm so glad Tumblr posts got out of its community!

Honestly speaking, if you're looking for privacy and candidness, there are many other platforms out there that can give you that false assurance of security.

I'm using 'false assurance' because anyone can easily share your post by screen grabbing.. Even if it's someone you know and think you trust.

I'm not saying people shouldn't rant but just know that there may be repercussions if the things that are being written can be easily misconstrued by others?


After reading Tim and Aud's entries on the things people perceive them to be based on their social media postings in comparison to what #thetruthis…. I decided to share a little bit about myself ☺️

I hope nobody faints and go…

But yeah, here goes!

Myth #1:
I seldom swear.

I do swear.. In fact, I do it a lot. But I've been trying to cut down on it and make it less of a habit!

Additionally, L rarely swears and told me that a girl shouldn't use the F word so much hahaha.

Buttttt I can't seem to stop doing so. In fact, I swear the most when I'm with him πŸ˜†

I don't think I can ever stop swearing because it's a habit I've cultivated since I was 13. That's close to 10 years of swearing!!! How to stop?!

However, I've improved a lot over the years. I've stopped using Hokkien vulgarities and don't drop the F bomb in every single sentence I speak or type.

I swore in front of my parents once and another time while playing GTA when L's mum was within a earshot's distance and well, let's just say it was awkward……

Myth #2:
I seem quite pure and innocent.

I think it's the way I look since I pin all my fringe up and wear specs and my dressing in general….

I just emanate this whole goondu guaikia feel… Which is not really who I am.

I'm actually damn dirty-minded – no thanks to my elder brother. So my mind has been polluted a long time ago.

I still clearly remember when I was having music lessons in P5 and we had to sing a song with lyrics that went "I walk with my head erect."

I was the only one sniggering away while my classmates sang loudly.

In fact, I love making random suggestive remarks, when I'm with my close friends.. And make them go "woah woah okay" hahaha.

I also really like #thatswhatshesaid jokes.

Wearing it like a badge of honour LOL.

Since my parents do crack sick jokes from time to time… I guess we're perverse by nature??


I Peanutized myself and this was what I got!!!

Erm doesn't look much like me because I don't have bangs anymore but this was as close as I could get!

Also, I actually do have the exact same shirt that my Peanut character is wearing…

Teehee I also chose this background because that's L right there! Not because he looks like this but because he's…. L?

Go figure hahaha.


This is me, rushing over to L's place!!

I wanted to stay a bit longer in the office to finish up on something but the nagging thought of Whiskey possibly peeing and pooping at the balcony freaked me out so I decided that I didn't wanna do my work in a half-hearted manner. Especially not when I'm dealing with numbers πŸ˜–

Bought some groceries during lunch break so yes, I'm going to be the chef for tonight!

Walking the dogs turned out to be harder than I thought…. They are such monsters when I'm alone with them!!

Both of the naughty doggies refused to walk at all despite the haze clearing up. So I had no choice but to let them sniff around and do their thing.

The nightmare started when the dogs wanted to head off in different directions to sniff around and then Stephi had to laosai everywhere πŸ˜‘

And Whiskey, who is not toilet-trained, refused to poo poo!!!!

Urghhhh brought him down the second time in hopes that he'll do his big business as well as to clean up Stephi's laosai. But he just refused to walk.

I was pleading with him furiously…

PLEASE WALK WHISKEY!!! Pleaseeee!!! You need to poot poot!!!!

Didn't work at all.

I gave up after a while since I had to start prepping dinner.

It's going to be a simple meal, nothing too fancy.

I had planned to cook ham and mushroom aglio olio but L didn't want me to go through the hassle of chopping so much garlic so he opted for a soupy menu instead.

When it comes to frying, he is way better than me. But when it's soupy stuff or porridge, I'm the master instead!

Nowhere near #masterchef level though.

At least this won't happen when I'm cooking my healthy macaroni soup!

Rushed home after class to catch the season premiere of Once Upon A Time!!!

It's amazing how far the show has come, seeing how the different fairy tales are tied together through intricate details, going through the path of goodness with the Evil Queen..

The past 3+ years have been such a ride… And now they're going to link Brave and even The Sword in the Stone???

Rumplestiltskin is by far one of my favourite characters… I've got a love-hate relationship with him.

Would recommend this show to anyone who is a sucker for fairytales 😍

흔듀리지 μ•Šκ³  ν”ΌλŠ” 꽃이 μ–΄λ”” 있으리
흔듀리지 μ•Šκ³  κ°€λŠ” μ‚¬λž‘μ΄ μ–΄λ”” 있으리

"Where could the flower be where it blooms without wavering?

Where could a love be where it blooms without wavering?"

Spending my weekends watching It's Okay, That's Love.. Not my ideal kind of drama but it's a more accurate portrayal of love, at least for a Korean drama.

K-dramas tend to have the cheesiest and most unrealistic love plots but this show presents a different perspective of love in a Korean setting.

One of my greatest takeaway is this:

Is the one who loves more in a relationship the weaker person?

And Jaeyeol aptly answers the question in this phrase:

"You don't become the weaker one because you love more. You become the weaker one because you're not free at heart.

Not worrying about needing to get back as much as you give, that's what it means to be free at heart."

There's always so much to learn about relationships – romantic or not.

Bonjour mes amis!

Glad the skies have cleared up so much! I can't believe how some authorities can say such irresponsible stuff like how we never thank them for the clean air during the rest of the year.

Oh really? Guess I should thank the robbers for not robbing me on my way home or rapists for not raping me for 22 years of my life then πŸ˜’

Other than that, it's been a productive morning. Cleared all my chores in 3 hours 😌 /pats self on the back/

Made some time for twinnie B before the school semester takes over his sanity.

Guess even though we've stopped being in the same school for 4 years, B always relies on me for copywriting of his projects and works.

Lol, it's funny because my English isn't very good either. But when the right moment comes, I can bullshit in flowery language pretty well.

Looking at how stressed he is all the time, I'm just glad I didn't try out for ADM simply for the sake of going to a local Uni.

'A' level art pretty much killed whatever interest I had for art. I enjoyed creating works but I'm not good enough and being stressed about it for 2 years made me not want to go through the same thing for another 4 years.

I also finally got to try food at Kilo at Pact. Have been wanting to go there for over a year!

Pan-seared donburi salmon bowl

Salmon fillet with lots of other healthy ingredients πŸ˜›

Ended lunch with lemon tart and basil panna cotta. Not too sure if I fancied their dessert.

Phew. Just ended a long day of meeting and my brain is super fried!!!

Super intense that I'm suffering from a terrible headache right now. Though it's also partially attributed to the haze.

As soon as I stepped out without a mask, I could feel my lungs and throat protesting, my eyes watering and…. I just can't wait to roll into my bed to sleep all that off 😐

Meetings at Ming's place always leaves us feeling super pampered because we're always served food to fuel our brains for the long discussion!

Had the honor of having delicious food by @mummytong again today!

Porridge with youtiao, fish cake and ginger slices!

It contained a generous amount of lean pork as well as pig liver and stomach.

My love for pig organs will go on ❀️

The porridge was so good that I gobbled it down in no time even though it was piping hot!!

There's a credit card which allows you to earn 4 travel points for every $1 spent. When you've accumulated enough points, you are able to change them for an airplane ticket to a travel destination.

You've found a way to cheat the system which allows you to accumulate an infinite number of points without spending money.

The way to cheat the system:

You get a friend to apply for the said credit card, both of you create an online store and you spend from each other's stores using the credit card to gain points.

Through this, you can gain points and not spend a single dollar.

Sounds like a smart plan right? But would you do it?

My cousin posed this question to me after a friend told her about this "genius plan" and she wanted to know my stand on this issue.

Without hesitation, I replied

That's wrong.

It's a brilliant plan I must say, working their way around the loopholes and playing with the system.

But I wouldn't do that. In fact, I would be wary of the person doing that.

From his perspective, there's nothing wrong as it's still 'legal'. After all, these huge companies are earning a lot and this doesn't mean much.

Perhaps, but is it ethical?

Personally, I don't think I would be able to get over my conscience if I were to do something like that.

The thought of going through all the trouble to devise such a 'brilliant plan' just to cheat the system.

In fact, for such rewards, there is probably a cap on the number of tickets that are redeemable. And these people are taking the easy way out and perhaps even depriving another person of his/her ticket when he/she is spending money the right and intended way to accumulate these points.

It's not my place to cast judgements on what these people do but I see something flawed in them..

The moment they caved in and let that little greed get its way, it's sort of opening a whole new can of worms – to let that greed grow into something bigger and more insatiable.

I'm not the most morally upright person, but I wouldn't want to let something like greed slowly corrupt the values I've grown up with.

I believe that people like Kong Hee (sorry CHC people) started out good but somewhere along the way, they let greed get the better of themselves and things started going downhill.

The Death of Music Stores

Read in the papers that the last HMV outlet here will be closing next week…

And it just feels really depressing… Music has been such a huge part of my life and I really love having a physical copy of my music..

It could be a plain plastic casing or it could be elaborate with fanciful box designs, lyrics booklet and even extra stuff like posters and photo cards.

There was once I bought a Fountain of Wayne's album simply because the design looked gorgeous!! And of course, I fell in love with their music after that.

In fact, I've got a huge collection of CDs that I started keeping since primary school (and just one cassette tape!!).

But truth to be told, physical album sales have been on the decline for years.

The last CD I bought locally was from HMV a few years ago. I still remember clearly what it was – The Click Five's V album as a present for my cousin.

Subsequently, I bought all my other CDs online as they were BIGBANG/GD&TOP's albums…

And then I stopped buying them altogether because my CD player spoilt and my laptop no longer has a disc drive..

Urgh, it's just so sad that they are phasing out.. Kids in the future will not know the joy of having a physical copy in their hands or flipping through the lyrics booklet and reading the lyrics while listening to the tracks.

They keep memories of their favourite artistes through selfies.. And not signatures!!

Ugh! Now my TC5 signatures just seem extra precious!!!

I guess the only place where album sales is still sustainable is South Korea as ardent fans would purchase both online and offline versions to support their favourite artistes on the music charts… And I really admire that aspect of Korean music.

Continuing with work in the comforts of my bed.. And I hope I don't end up dozing off.

Bought a new freshener and now my room has a light fragrance that smells oddly familiar to the smell I lived with for 4 months in the States. I can't quite pinpoint where I smelt it from… But it might just be the smell of the dryer sheets my house used. Or the smell of the clothing detergent L used.

Smells really nice even though it's a little weird πŸ™Š

Sorry (not sorry) that I keep talking about U.S.

Could use some pancakes and omelette from Original House of Pancakes (OHOP)!

I know IHOP is the famous one.. But I prefer OHOP hehe. It's slightly more rustic and homely I guess.

Missing my lazy Sunday mornings where L and I would either be really on to go to church or we'll just end up sleeping in till 1pm.

He would let me take over the wheel.. Crazy because I didn't drive for more than a year after getting my license. But we would explore different brunch places every Sunday.

Probably that's why I gained 6kg while I was abroad.

My twin never fails to remind me of the weight gain by sending me this:

"Just a reminder."

Damn mean!

He sent the original photo on the right to his mum and told her that I got fat.


Viola Davis makes Emmy History.

Just read that in the papers so this is me happily typing away!

She's the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for best lead actress for her role as a defense lawyer on How To Get Away With Murder!!

Super timely win because the second season is coming back this Thursday! Can hardly wait for it!!

It has an unconventional twist to typical law shows… And well, the title says it all.

To sum it up, the show is really "f**ked up but awesome".

So when's Tatiana Maslany gonna win for her roles in Orphan Black (a show about clones)!?!

C'mon, she's been snubbed for every single year!!! And you can't deny that her acting was brilliant on the show…

You have to watch it to know what I mean!

Loylum Boat Noodles

Since it was just @xjaelyang and I having lunch, we decided to go try out the boat noodles place near our office.. Before it closes down!!!

I was still happily telling Jael, "We can eat the noodles and tell the rest that we tried them!!!"

Turns out that almost everyone else was there as well πŸ˜“ LOL

Looks good in this photo right??

All thanks to VSCO!

This was us.

βœ”οΈ Small portion
βœ”οΈ Long serving time
βœ”οΈ Poor service

It was $2 for a food sampling portion. One bite. JUST ONE BITE!

What a rip-off!

Looking at the ridiculous price for a miserable portion…. I'm not surprised if the place closes down soon πŸ˜‘

Ok with all due credit, the soup base was flavourful…

But other than that, a $2 bowl consists of:

A few strands of noodles
1/2 pieces of meat
1 meat ball
3-5 taugey
10 pieces of chopped spring onions
4 spoonfuls of soup

A Foreign Language

Almost forgot about this mini incident.. So while walking to our lunch destination, this lady suddenly approached @xjaelyang and I.. And she burst into a foreign language that neither of us could understand…!

I felt so helpless but suddenly I caught her saying…

prendere la metro

And I instantly knew what she sort of wanted.. Which was to take the MRT so she needed directions to the train station… We tried pointing the way to Farrer Park MRT but to no avail!!!

Thankfully, a kind passerby saw what was happening and immediately intercepted and managed to converse with her in Italian!!

What a kind soul and what a coincidence!!

For a moment I felt like she was about to break down as she wanted to head somewhere with a hand drawn map!!!

How frustrating must that be?!

Even though we couldn't really be of much help, I was so glad that whatever little French I knew was of use since it sounded so similar!

Chanced upon a video of Tatiana Maslany on Jimmy Fallon's show and her Emmy nomination was hilarious!!!

Oh wells, she might not have won the award this year but she got nominated at the very least. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next year!!

She not only has to act as the various clones, but there have been many occasions where the clones have to cosplay as another clone!!! INSANE!!

And she nails it every single time!

Was walking back home from the MRT station and I saw a Tom & Jerry scene unfold in front of me!!!!

How often do you get to see a cat chasing after a rat and pouncing on it?!?

Rats tend to be so ηŒ–η‹‚ nowadays that the cats seem to be running away from them instead!!!

I could hear the rat squeaking for its dear life over my earpiece! And the cat was pretty self-conscious because it suddenly stopped to look all demure when people started walking past it πŸ˜‚

But well, I'm having late night random thoughts.. Thinking about how severely sedentary my current lifestyle is… I feel like my arteries might clog up any moment and I could possibly die of a heart attack!!

Based on my last medical checkup, my cholesterol level etc looked good. But you never know! Things may change drastically in a span of a few months.

The lack of activity is making me consider if I should restart my PiYo (pilates & yoga) routine, on top of my weekly Insanity workouts and long dog walks (burn about 600 cals in total).

Anyway, these video workouts are short (30-45min) and effective (burn more cals than a run).

They can also help work on various aspects – cardio, stamina, muscle strength, muscle building..

The best part is that workouts like Charlene Johnson's PiYo and Shaun T's T25/Insanity/Insanity Max:30 do NOT require any equipment! Probably just a yoga mat – if you've got weak knees like me.

But well – no weights, no pull-up bars!

The only thing holding me back is that I got to wake up 30min earlier each morning… Which is fine, if I didn't have to do housework in the morning…

Even though I'm one of the luckier ones who live really close to the office, I've got to wake up at 730 every day.

I don't even want to talk about the chores I got to do because my mum implements chores that hardly any other household does….

So yea, if I were to start a new workout routine… I'm going to document it here!!! So whoever is reading is can lecture me and make me feel guilty about breaking my own promise should I give up halfway!


Ohmygoshhhhh. Look at Stephi with her milk bone chew toy!!!!

So act chio this dog!! She is usually super unglam and unladylike!!