Dear Singapore

Tonight, I’m going to bed with a heavy heart.

I ponder on what the election outcome might be this coming Friday night. I think about the group of Singaporeans who are easily swayed by the number of artificial carrots that has been dangled in front of their faces over the past 2 weeks. I fear that the robust and vibrant economy that has been painstakingly built up over the past 50 years might just go to waste in one night.

Maybe that’s an over-exaggeration. But to quote Warren Buffett – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.”

The same can be said for the success of Singapore – the next few decades of our country lies in the results of the General Election.

I have been trying to keep up with what’s going on and listen to what the various parties have to say. But alas, there is way too much noise. Instead of talking about solutions that they can offer, what we hear mainly is a cacophony of sounds – all the parties critiquing and putting one another down.

As much as I try to be objective, I can’t. I am human and it is natural for me to be biased. I am biased towards the incumbent party and have always been.

It infuriates me so much when people think that they should vote for the opposition simply for the sake of having an opposition, without considering the consequences of the policies they have been championing.

It doesn’t take an economics genius to know that many of these plans are not feasible. In fact, they are very myopic and self-serving. Some of these plans include:

  • Having a minimum wage (because doing so does not result in higher costs that ultimately is being shouldered by the consumer OR companies simply terminating staff to cut costs)
  • Giving out monthly pensions of $500 to senior citizens and $300 to children below 16 (because money is simply going to drop from the skies)
  • Employment Security Fund (because it is the responsibility of employers and employees to support you)
  • Cutting our defence budget and NS time (because Singapore is NOT a target for terrorist attacks)

There are many others.. And I’m honestly quite disappointed in the opposition. Yes, there are good candidates, I’m not saying there are none. But it makes me wonder, why are they supporting such ridiculous policies??

No, PAP isn’t perfect. They have made mistakes along the way and there is so much more that can be improved on.. But they are the party that I can sort of put my trust in because they know that Singapore’s future should not be gambled away so easily.

Why do people think that voting for opposition means trains will miraculously not break down, HDB flat prices will go down, cost of living will go down, COE prices will drop, there will no longer be foreign workers, there will be free healthcare, or better still… The government can give us our much deserved 5Cs!

One of the things that PAP has been too successful in is building such a strong Singapore that they have bred a bunch of self-entitled people. We have become too used to living in comfort that we’ve taken peace, prosperity and safety for granted.

How could these people even dare mention that Singapore is in fact a third-world country? You probably have a roof over your head, have a decent job, might even have a car, and need not worry about having 3 meals a day.

A real third-world country has issues like not having clean drinking water, enough food, proper houses to live in and education.

Please stop making a fool of yourselves – especially when many foreign eyeballs are watching us right now.


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