First week of work

It’s officially the weekend as I finally sent in the last email for this week! Even though it’s only been my first week (or rather, 4 days) at work, I’ve been so busy with trainings and meetings. This week has been a test on how quick I can be when it comes to absorbing, understanding and retaining information… Which makes me a little worried. But I’m undaunted (for now)!!! Gotta stay positive.

Initially, I had some sort of hesitation when it came to taking up this job as my parents wanted me to think through it over a longer period of time and time wasn’t on my side in this case. So I took a leap of faith… I think I really needed to trust my instincts and gut feeling. Having the opportunity to work with my current company was something that I might have briefly considered when I was still in secondary school (I can’t remember too well).

I think the fact that I am emotionally invested in the company as well as what they are doing makes me look forward to what I have to do even though there is currently quite a bit on my plate and I have this fear that I am not good enough.

If anything, I am quite happy to know that there is a Dunmanian in the midst. Even though I am not that attached to DHS, having a Dunmanian close by has always been something comforting for me. I think it’s the DHS culture, values and the way we are.. There is just this feeling of warmth and reassurance, knowing that there’s ‘family’ nearby.

But…. Of course there’s this stress that if I don’t live up to expectations, the person might think that I spoil the Dunmanian reputation….

I’m probably overthinking again D:???