Dear Singapore

Tonight, I’m going to bed with a heavy heart.

I ponder on what the election outcome might be this coming Friday night. I think about the group of Singaporeans who are easily swayed by the number of artificial carrots that has been dangled in front of their faces over the past 2 weeks. I fear that the robust and vibrant economy that has been painstakingly built up over the past 50 years might just go to waste in one night.

Maybe that’s an over-exaggeration. But to quote Warren Buffett – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.”

The same can be said for the success of Singapore – the next few decades of our country lies in the results of the General Election.

I have been trying to keep up with what’s going on and listen to what the various parties have to say. But alas, there is way too much noise. Instead of talking about solutions that they can offer, what we hear mainly is a cacophony of sounds – all the parties critiquing and putting one another down.

As much as I try to be objective, I can’t. I am human and it is natural for me to be biased. I am biased towards the incumbent party and have always been.

It infuriates me so much when people think that they should vote for the opposition simply for the sake of having an opposition, without considering the consequences of the policies they have been championing.

It doesn’t take an economics genius to know that many of these plans are not feasible. In fact, they are very myopic and self-serving. Some of these plans include:

  • Having a minimum wage (because doing so does not result in higher costs that ultimately is being shouldered by the consumer OR companies simply terminating staff to cut costs)
  • Giving out monthly pensions of $500 to senior citizens and $300 to children below 16 (because money is simply going to drop from the skies)
  • Employment Security Fund (because it is the responsibility of employers and employees to support you)
  • Cutting our defence budget and NS time (because Singapore is NOT a target for terrorist attacks)

There are many others.. And I’m honestly quite disappointed in the opposition. Yes, there are good candidates, I’m not saying there are none. But it makes me wonder, why are they supporting such ridiculous policies??

No, PAP isn’t perfect. They have made mistakes along the way and there is so much more that can be improved on.. But they are the party that I can sort of put my trust in because they know that Singapore’s future should not be gambled away so easily.

Why do people think that voting for opposition means trains will miraculously not break down, HDB flat prices will go down, cost of living will go down, COE prices will drop, there will no longer be foreign workers, there will be free healthcare, or better still… The government can give us our much deserved 5Cs!

One of the things that PAP has been too successful in is building such a strong Singapore that they have bred a bunch of self-entitled people. We have become too used to living in comfort that we’ve taken peace, prosperity and safety for granted.

How could these people even dare mention that Singapore is in fact a third-world country? You probably have a roof over your head, have a decent job, might even have a car, and need not worry about having 3 meals a day.

A real third-world country has issues like not having clean drinking water, enough food, proper houses to live in and education.

Please stop making a fool of yourselves – especially when many foreign eyeballs are watching us right now.


First week of work

It’s officially the weekend as I finally sent in the last email for this week! Even though it’s only been my first week (or rather, 4 days) at work, I’ve been so busy with trainings and meetings. This week has been a test on how quick I can be when it comes to absorbing, understanding and retaining information… Which makes me a little worried. But I’m undaunted (for now)!!! Gotta stay positive.

Initially, I had some sort of hesitation when it came to taking up this job as my parents wanted me to think through it over a longer period of time and time wasn’t on my side in this case. So I took a leap of faith… I think I really needed to trust my instincts and gut feeling. Having the opportunity to work with my current company was something that I might have briefly considered when I was still in secondary school (I can’t remember too well).

I think the fact that I am emotionally invested in the company as well as what they are doing makes me look forward to what I have to do even though there is currently quite a bit on my plate and I have this fear that I am not good enough.

If anything, I am quite happy to know that there is a Dunmanian in the midst. Even though I am not that attached to DHS, having a Dunmanian close by has always been something comforting for me. I think it’s the DHS culture, values and the way we are.. There is just this feeling of warmth and reassurance, knowing that there’s ‘family’ nearby.

But…. Of course there’s this stress that if I don’t live up to expectations, the person might think that I spoil the Dunmanian reputation….

I’m probably overthinking again D:???

Thoughts on being a bum

It’s been almost 6 weeks since my unofficial graduation and let’s just say my optimism as well as motivation is slowly on the decline. If there’s one thing I could have done differently, it would have been to send out resumes earlier.. The wait is going to be tough and demoralising, and as much as I try to be as positive as possible, it’s hard not to feel jaded in a time like this.

So now I’m in this awkward phase of being pretty much a useless person, as well as facing the whole “requires a job to get working experience” and “requires working experience to get a job” issue. I go through various job openings and look at the requirements and end up feeling shitty when they are looking for people with experience.

I wish I could be a little less uptight and a little more carefree. I want to think about travelling or having a grad trip but the thought of not being able to find a job (and one that I can be useful in) scares me. The next step that I take as I embark in a different stage of my life is crucial and I fear that I might be treading in the wrong direction.

I know that it is tough to find a job that will allow me to do what I like and the fear of doing something terribly mundane scares me. But the truth is that many of us will be stuck doing the things we don’t necessarily enjoy and that’s life and we got to accept it because we need that job to keep moving on.

I fear that I make a wrong choice when it comes to my first job and only to find myself having 2 or 3 years of my life wasted when I’m a little older. I fear that after a while, I find myself stuck and not knowing where else to go or knowing what else is there to life when it comes to my career. I fear that if I don’t have a good or right start now, it will hinder the progress of other aspects of my life and I will ultimately end up being another sad insignificant story.

I don’t know if I’m the only one having such thoughts because I’m like an old lady that’s trapped in a 22 year old body. I don’t know if I just need to find something else to do so that I don’t get caught up in such thoughts.

People tell me that I should take my time and take it slow. I know the wait is inevitable but having so much time on my hands only makes me think and over-worry. I think the fact that I’m having a one month break for Japanese class soon adds on to this fear of having nothing much to do.

For now, I’m jaded. I’m exhausted. I’m tired from doing nothing.

So… What now?

It’s been a week since I’ve had my very last recitation. A 4 year undergraduate programme condensed into a period of less than 3 years and and a grand total of 8 semesters. Time has indeed passed so quickly and what seems regrettable is that it took me 12 years to truly enjoy the process of studying. Not so much the part where group projects come in, but studying a variety of modules – yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Doing a degree in Communication has been one of the most enriching experiences so far. Being thrown into a pool of students who have diverse expertise – from writing to designing to public speaking – really forces you to step up your game and show the lecturers what you’ve got.

The submission of my last project sort of proved that Communication students do know how to spoil market. It was my first (and last) time working with students from other majors and I realised that we had different working styles and expectations (That’s not to say that other majors have low expectations or skills whatsoever). What seemed like a subpar and unsatisfactory project to me appeared to be really fascinating to them. I can only conclude that the nature of modules Communication students take has trained us to come up with projects that are designed professionally. Using Photoshop/Illustrator almost seems like second nature to us (or at least to me), even if it’s the bare minimum. It’s my best friend and I’ve used it for so many modules – Organisational Communication, Communication Theory, Advertising, Public Relations, Persuasion, Communication Graphics etc.

Even though sometimes I get the feeling that my degree is so “all-over-the-place”, since I do a little of everything (which only reinforces the fact that I feel like a jack of all trades but master of none), I am nonetheless thankful to have been exposed to many different career options that I can possibly go into.

What can I say? My journey with UB has been fun-filled and enriching. I made some good friends, some of which I’ve travelled with and taken/am taking language classes with. I participated in a freshman orientation camp, which was the most fruitful holiday I’ve ever had. I had the opportunity to study and live in Korea for a month, as well as to spend a semester in UB.

Now that this journey has ended, I wonder what’s next?

I spent a good amount of time today looking for suitable job openings and sending in resumes. Some companies feel sort of daunting and near impossible, but whatever, I submitted my resume anyway. It felt like the exact moment when I had shitty A level results and I applied for NUS Law school for the fun of it anyway, because you know… Who cares?

I anticipate my relatives asking me whether I’m looking for a job or whether I’ve found a job during my next family gathering… And honestly, I’ll just take one step at a time and see how it goes.

While it’s good to focus on the future, it isn’t entirely bad to focus on the present either. Right now, I just want to brush up on my Japanese, catch up on some of my dramas and do some drawings. Just gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best.

The search for faith

I was pondering over whether I should pen my thoughts down because there are so many thoughts I have regarding the issue of faith, and I don’t know where I should begin… But I thought it would be good to have something to reflect on in the future.

Over the weekend, I attended church service with a serious attitude with respect to faith. Even though I would describe myself to be an agnostic, going to church isn’t something that’s entirely new to me but it isn’t something that I knew a whole lot about either. Up till now, I have no idea what are the differences between the various divisions, and I would say I’ve been to Anglican, Baptist, Evangelical churches and recently, a Methodist one. Back when I was 15, I have also attended Sunday School briefly. For those who do know me, I know, it’s shocking right?

One of the reasons why I was hesitant about writing this post is because I was afraid that people are going to call out on me for being hypocritical. Why so? I do crack jokes on faith and religion (sometimes offensive – I would bury my head underground for my immaturity sometimes) from time to time. I have told some of my non-believer friends on how I really don’t believe in a higher being or heaven and how I would never date a Christian. But a couple of months back, while talking to my best friend that I was putting in some serious thought about religion, she told me that I shouldn’t have to be afraid as I have valid reasons for having such thoughts.

For the longest time, I’ve had my reservations when it comes to faith.

Firstly, I’m a believer that I’m in control of my own destiny. I believe that my actions largely dictate where I am in life today, and the thought of my life being planned out by a supreme being sounds like God playing a game of Sims to me.

Secondly, I can’t seem to grasp the concept of an afterlife.

“I wish I can meet my wife in the hereafter, but I don’t think I will. I just cease to exist just as she has ceased to exist – otherwise the other world would be overpopulated.”

Lee Kuan Yew, 2013

I have the same thoughts as the late Mr Lee, when it comes to death and the afterlife. A few years ago, a good friend of mine once asked me, “When you die, don’t you want to have a heaven to look forward to?”

I simply replied, “I believe that after death, it will just be a state of blankness. There is no heaven or hell.”

I have listened to reasons why people believe in God, and some are along the lines of “I don’t know if there is a heaven or hell, but I’ll just believe, so that I’ll be able to go to heaven, should there be one.” Erm, honestly not quite convincing in my opinion, so I’ve just stuck to mine.

Thirdly, even though I’m not the most rational person, the scientific and rational part of me tells me “you need to see it to believe it”.

Then there comes the question, “You can’t see air, but you know it’s there right? You breathe it in and you living is proof that it exists.” And…. I can’t refute that, except that I know it does not have a definite shape nor volume and can be compressed.

Lastly, the first time I attended a church service in Singapore, it was an extremely uncomfortable experience. It was a church that many people from my school went to and still go to today.

Disclaimer: I must say that those people who invited me there are all really nice people and I appreciate their good intentions, but I simply felt weird, out of place and I did not enjoy myself back then.

It was perhaps too, happening, for my liking. And it did not help that for the weeks to come, I personally had the feeling that many of them joined church simply because they enjoyed being with their friends, rather than having that belief to serve God. But who am I to judge them because they were after all, teenagers then, and I certainly don’t doubt that their faith is genuine today.

So here comes the twist. With every story, there’s a ‘but’. Why the change in my mindset, I’m not going to say publicly (though certain people would know the reason), but I am slowly trying to open my mind and heart to something that I can’t see, but can possibly feel.

I look at the intellectual people around me who believe in God, and I wonder why? I want to approach them and talk to them about faith, but I don’t know where to begin.

Many years ago, my GP tuition teacher once said, someone asked her, “How do you know that God exists? Can you see him?” And she replied, “I just know he exists.”

While I’m typing this all I can think of is the song The Voyage of Beliefs by FM Static (which is an awesome song by the way) – “And she says she talks to God, but I don’t know if I believe her.”

During the session on Sunday, a couple of people were coming forward to share their testimonies on works of miracle by God.. And it was certainly an eye-opening experience.

Honestly, what defines a miracle? Some of the testimonies I heard sounded like cases of coincidences – they seemed like there still were possible rational explanations that could have lead to what they experienced. To me, if it’s beyond any sort of explanation or logical understanding, that is a miracle.

And… I have personally experienced a miracle before and I’ve probably only told a couple of people about it. For many years, I’ve brushed it off as nothing. But I have considered the possibility that it could have been a miracle, as I couldn’t explain my actions nor what happened at that point of time.

In 2006, it was my first year in Dunman High. I still clearly remember that day… I was going to cross the road and wait for 158 at the bus stop opposite (loop service), instead of the one just outside the school campus. The green man was flashing, the cars on the opposite side of the road were stationary and waiting for the red light to turn green. So I crossed the road, and for no rhyme or reason, before I even managed to cross halfway, I came to a stop. I remember how I turned to look right and a car came to a halt, just inches away right in front of me. One more step forward and I would have gotten into an accident. The lady driver and her passenger seemed flustered, as if they didn’t notice the red light. I just looked at them, walked to the front and past the car and continued crossing as if nothing happened.

By the time I reached the opposite side of the road, I realised what had just happened.

Up till today, I’ve tried to come up with explanations for what happened 9 years ago. I thought that it could have been my mistake, I even thought that perhaps it was like those TV drama where I had a spirit following me around, which stopped me from making that one extra step.

I don’t know. I try not to think and talk about it because I feel as if the more you think and talk about things, the more the memory changes.

So yes, perhaps it wasn’t my time to go yet, so I was saved in some sense.

I think the reason why I’m feeling so confused on the inside is because I’ve been brought up as a free-thinker my whole life. I’m not taught to believe that there is a higher being. The only time I pray, is when I pay respects to my paternal grandparents, and even so, I don’t know if they ever listen to my prayers.

All I can say is that my journey on the search of faith is not going to be easy… But I hope it’s worth it.

Finding myself through furry friends

After spending so much time with two dogs – Stephi and Whiskey – over the last 3 months, I’ve come to realise how I’m able to love in a way which I’ve never did before.

IMG_4215 copy

Since I was little, my instinctive reaction whenever I see anything furry was to avoid and keep my distance.. It was sort of an unintentional classical conditioning, as I learnt it through observing my mum’s overly exaggerated reactions to animals. Growing up, I’ve never really kept any pets as well, just a goldfish (which died after a week) and a terrapin. I’ve been taught to think that pets are dirty and well, I still do think they can be pretty dirty (because I can be a clean freak) but I’ve learnt to close an eye because the positive feelings that comes with pets outweigh the negative feelings I get from the germs and what nots.

I think the turning point of my stance towards animals changed when I became attached to a cat that would loiter around my block more than a year ago.


Isn’t it the cutest? I’m not sure if it has an owner or it’s abandoned, but I haven’t been seeing it around for the longest time ever.

After spending so much time with Stephi and Whiskey, I realised that there was so much about pets that I never knew.. The dogs made me realised how smart they were and I was really surprised when I saw how they knew when to get off the lift and which direction to head towards…. And it probably isn’t even a big deal right?

Warming up to Whiskey was really easy initially as he is friendly and likes attention. I love how he always jumps on me to greets me, as if it was a little tiny hug of welcome before he walks away to scratch himself in a corner.

It wasn’t as easy when it came to Stephi.. I still remember how she would look at me with so much doubt when I first started cleaning her paws and little bits after going for a walk to pee and poo. I was afraid of breaking her legs, and she probably was afraid of me doing just that too. Stephi can be cool in her own ways and would quietly sit in a corner or on a chair and just eye me as if she was watching my every move…. Before she gets drowsy and proceeds to snore. Heh.

But recently, I started giving her really intense back scratches and I must have done something right because she has been approaching me on her own (instead of me going over to disturb her) and waits for me with those eyes that scream, “Where’s my back scratch?”. So I proceed to scratch her and whenever I stop, she’ll turn to look at me as if to say, “Hey, I didn’t say you can stop.”

I get a great sense of satisfaction when she starts to wag her tail vigorously, and make cute little high pitched sounds.. And I’ll mimic those sounds, hoping that she might understand my gibberish too.

So finally on Friday, we got the chance to bring the dogs out to Botanic Gardens to explore. Seeing how excited they were, especially with Stephi’s incessant barking, made me happy that I was able to do something to put them in a good mood.

IMG_4216 copy

I realised that whenever I take walks with the dogs, I started to take more notice of other dog owners with their dogs, and I feel a greater sense of connection with these strangers as compared to when I simply stroll at East Coast Park with my family.

As time goes by, I wonder whether or not I should have a pet of my own in the future… It’s not going to be easy, and the thought of it being alone at home pains me to no end. However, I feel like having a pet makes me have something to look forward to after a long day of school or work.. That of course depends on how I decide to view things depending on my mood for that day. I could be in a bad mood and think of how I’ve got to feed the pet, clean up after it and be very frustrated or I could think positively and look forward to the company I get at the end of the day.

IMG_4229 copy

Here’s a cute blurry photo of Stephi being all greedy for a treat after the long walk to end my incoherent post!

Late night thoughts

Maybe it’s the hormones, or the crazies, but my mind’s sort of a emotional train wreck for no apparent reason at the moment.

In an instant, I felt like every ounce of positivity and optimism that I had in me slowly drained away and all I’m filled with is doubt, pessimism, fear, worry, and a multitude of other negative feelings.

The past couple of months have been some of the happiest, and most passionate moments in my life. For the longest time, perhaps in years, I’ve never felt as much rejuvenation as I did in those few months. I anticipate and look forward to what each day will bring, and I never thought that seeing the same face over and over again would be this exhilarating. It was a rush that I’ve not felt before, especially when I’ve always wondered how do people not get sick of seeing each other every single day.

And finally, I became one of those few “disgusting” people that I swore I could never be.

But sometimes, I fear that this rush will tear me up ultimately. I fear that I end up being someone that becomes too needy, too dependent, to closely tied to someone else for my own good. I fear that I’ll become weak – emotionally and mentally. I never liked myself for always being so cold and having the ability to easily cut people away from my life, but I guess I’ve always felt that this was better as being in control of my own thoughts and emotions just seemed to make me feel stronger.

I fear that everything that has been built so far creates some sort of unrealistic expectations that could ruin things. Yet with every adversity that’s been successfully overcame, people and relationships get stronger. Should I choose to have things the safe way and just be contented with something mediocre, or should I take risks and see how things may play out?

I also fear that my past experiences as well as tonnes of articles (some are insightful, and some are downright shitty) are clouding my judgement way more than they should. I fear that I subconsciously take on what the Internet says is right and wrong and make crucial decisions based on what I’ve casually read.

Most importantly, I fear that I’ll lose you so much and the thought of not having you as a part of me just makes me feel so devastated.

I hate hormones 😦 I shall try to get some sleep. Goodnight.


So when I returned home 3 weeks ago from the States, I was told of the news. I was shocked, but I was even more appalled by something else, and today I just feel immensely terrible, knowing that I could have gone against the adult’s wishes and probably done something about it, and yet I didn’t.

Technically what they were doing wasn’t wrong – I knew where they were coming from, but it was wrong to me. It just didn’t fit in with my way of thinking, especially not after a whole semester of Communication Ethics – dealing with ideas of telling or withholding the truth; trying to understand that there is no one right way to do things and you just got to stick to your own ethical code.

It happened once then, and then it happened again, just last weekend and again last night. Why? Why did you all let all these happen?

Now it’s all too late, and it’s not about whose fault is it. It’s not a finger-pointing-blaming game.

It’s not anyone’s fault, really. I can understand the true intentions, I can understand that sometimes, even when we have all grown up, our parents still see us as young children – they don’t want us to worry, they don’t want us to get hurt. But what’s wrong with worrying, with getting hurt? It’s all part and parcel of growing up.

And then I got angry, even when I wasn’t the one who’s supposed to feel that way.

Just when are we going to be taken seriously? Just when will you all trust us enough to be able to take charge of our emotions, to make logically sound decisions and to do what’s best for ourselves? Why do you all just assume that the decisions you make are necessarily good for us? Because no, at the end of the day, even if we are still young, we are capable of making wise decisions for ourselves.

Please, please just have this little ounce of faith in us, that we are finally adults and we are mature enough to know exactly what we want and what we need to do. Please stop treating us like we were the young kids back then that wasted water, washing the dirt off our teletubbies’ faces. Please understand that we want to share both the good and the bad, the happiness and the burden with you too.

And after all the that’s been done, everything now is just a mistake that can never be erased, because it’s too late. And you can’t imagine the horror this poor girl has to live with for the rest of her life.

I’m upset – over what has happened and the poor decisions that the adults have made.

No one should have to go through this. Definitely not her. And I feel so helpless because I can’t do or say anything to make things better. I feel terrible but it’s nothing, nothing at all compared to everything she is feeling right now. I know it for sure even though I’ve yet to break my silence.

So please, we’ve grown up. Please treat us the same way you would want us to treat you too.

A new year, a new chapter.

It’s only been two days into 2015 and I must say that I’m feeling really upbeat and excited about how the year will unfold. In less than 48 hours, there has been some changes to my life – changes that may affect major parts of my life in the long run, and I can’t wait to see how things will unfold.

Every single year, I have the same resolution of ‘exercise regularly’ which never ever happens… And I’m glad I kickstarted the year by cycling from ECP all the way to Changi Village and back – approximately 28km in total – within a span of three hours. I sure am feeling the consequences from not cycling for more than a year, especially for such a long distance. Unlike running, the pressure of having to return the bicycle before the rental time is up forces me to push myself despite the aches I felt in my thighs. While I’ve always particularly enjoyed cycling, it has always been pure leisure and I’ve never cycled beyond Bedok at all in my entire life. Well, not until yesterday. The weather was forgiving – with a nice constant cool breeze, and it was exhilarating, to have been able to cycle past Changi airport – the runway, control tower etc. – as well as to catch a glimpse of the SAF Ferry Terminal and Tekong, since I’ve never been there before. The journey back proved to be tough, as the sky got darker and my legs felt like they were going to give way any moment, but I could not have been more proud of myself, to have persevered and pushed on, especially the last 10-minute rush back, which felt like a really long time.

The second day of the year proved to be exciting as well, even though I was overwhelmed with stress. Thanks to Bryan, I managed to secure a short internship stint, and I drafted my first real press release today. The thought of it just seems so unreal! The only experience I’ve ever had with PR or a media kit, was the project for the PR module and for that, I was working on a fictional event (The Triwizard Tournament)!! It was definitely not easy, trying to churn out something that hopefully, the media outlets would pick up… And it certainly didn’t help that I was having a bad case of a writer’s block… However, I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best! It is all very fast-paced and I’m definitely looking forward to what the outcomes may be… Even though this is all so last minute and it is literally taking up my entire winter break.

The thought of finally putting what I’ve learnt in class to good use…. It’s just so uplifting! I feel like I might actually be a useful human being…!

It’s finally the weekend… But I can’t wait to see what next week might bring me… So till then!

In retrospect

It’s the time of the year again, where we all look back upon what we’ve done in the past 365 days and come up with resolutions that we are most likely not going to carry out, yet we still do them every single year.

2014 has definitely been one of the most eventful years of my life. I was very blessed to have been granted with two exchange opportunities – a month in Korea and 4 months in the States. I must say that I’m indeed very lucky, as I got to experience living, studying and playing in not just one, but two foreign places.

Being in Korea really ended 2013 and started 2014 great. I clearly remember the last night of 2013, when we all gathered together to watch one of the Gayo Daejuns in the freezing common room below our hostel. I still remember the very last few days I spent in Seoul, running between the stores in Myeongdong to buy whatever I needed, then running to and fro between the post office and our guesthouse, and packing whatever we could into a giant box and shipping 25kg worth of stuff home! I am still very impressed with EMS up till today because the parcel got home before I even flew out of Seoul!

Coming back to Singapore was somewhat depressing because I really enjoyed living in Korea, and I was seriously contemplating a future there – a stable job, a house etc. But I realised how difficult it would be (many reasons that I’m lazy to explain here).

Then in August, I flew to the States and spent a good four months there. In those four months, I think I’ve grown, learnt new things, as well as learnt new things about myself and it was definitely a wonderful experience to have. From learning how to cook, to working out (even if it wasn’t regular and I needed a push) – I was glad that my parents gave me this precious opportunity and I would be nothing without them.

Who knew that I would learn some interesting defense tactics from the self-defense class eh? 

It was a dream, to have been able to travel to Toronto, Florida and NYC. All my life, I’ve been dreaming and anticipating the day that I would go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it always felt so distant. Even when I knew that I was going to America, it never did cross my mind to travel to Orlando, simply because I thought it was going to be impossible. But yet, the impossible happened, and before I even know it, the plane tickets and accommodation had been booked. Everything felt like a dream, a wonderful dream indeed, and I can’t wait to be back again in the future. Going to NYC was a dream as well, because I wasn’t supposed to be travelling there, when my family decided that they were going to travel on their own. Looking back at the photos I took at Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Centre and Times Square, I know exactly how lucky I am.

Besides the school exchanges, I’m also extremely pleased with my results for the year. Knowing that I’m so much closer to my end goal for University really makes me feel accomplished… Even though many say that results is not everything, can I just say that it is everything to me (at least from now till I graduate) because for the first 12 years of my education, I have never prioritised studying nor having good grades. It was simply about doing the bare minimum, scraping a pass, just making it to move on to the next year. Getting out of that phase and being someone that wanted something more really helped me put things into perspective and strive to be better. Even though I’m a little late, at least I’m doing something in my final lap as a student, before I officially step into the working world.

I can also proudly say that I learnt a little of another language, even though it was just a short four month period. And I also attained my Basic Japanese certificate.

Apart from all the good things that happened in 2014, there were also a fair share of minor hiccups, however, I feel that all these are small obstacles that are put in place for various reasons, perhaps to test me, to be stronger and better.

For 2015, I simply wish to be in better health and shape, to be wiser, to be better at handling relationships as well as cutting away toxic people from my life. I also have so much more to learn about life, such as letting things go, and to not let small things (like being compared to others) get to me.

2014 has been nothing short of awesome, and this wouldn’t have been possible without my family, friends and loved ones. You know who you are – the ones who’ve stuck through the bad times with me, who’ve listened to my woes, who’ve pushed me when I needed encouragement. Thank you so much, and I love you guys!